Distinguished Internists to be Recognized at ACOI 2023, October 11-14

2023 Award Winners to be Celebrated for their Professional Accomplishments; Presidential Citation to be Granted Posthumously to James C. Giudice, DO, MACOI

Dr. Robert A. Cain Says the Future of Osteopathic Internal Medicine Remains Rooted in its Principles

Robert A. Cain, DO, FACOI, FAODME, believes there’s value in every experience, and today as President and CEO of the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine (AACOM) he is using his vast experience as a pulmonologist, educator, leader in medical education, and advocate for osteopathic medicine, to lead an organization that is an important voice in the education and training of physicians who practice osteopathic medicine in settings across the medical spectrum.

Dr. Troy L. Randle Hasn’t Let Life’s Challenges Uproot Him

The old saying, where there’s a will, there’s a way isn’t just a saying for Troy L. Randle, DO, FACOI, FACC, MBA.

ACOI’s History Captured Thanks to Kevin Hubbard, DO, MACOI

Kevin P. Hubbard, DO, MACOI, is the name on the cover of the ACOI history book, A History of Osteopathic Internal Medicine – Celebrating the ACOI’s First 75 Years. Yet he’s not comfortable calling himself its creator.   “I really don't consider myself the author of the book. I'm more of the scribe. I was just the person who wrote down the things that had happened. The history was made by the people that the book talks about,” he says.   

A Letter from the SOIMA Officers

Get to know this year's SOIMA Officers and learn their version of SBAR, an efficient communication tool developed by the US Navy and adopted by many healthcare systems.

Brysen Keith, DO, PGYII, Shares His Experiences and Gives Advice to Residents 

Dr. Brysen Keith is a PGYII at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Health Center. While he is someone who fits the mold of “taking the road less traveled,” that is the only mold he fits.

Reflections During Black History Month

Dr. Watson Ducatel reflects on the origins of his current circumstance, from 1619 through to his birth in 1984.

Physicians who Understand the Black Experience Help Black Patients Gain Trust

At first glance when you look at the photo that Arthur Bouier, DO, MACOI, posted on Facebook with Mrs. Woodard, his 101-year-old patient, you may just see two happy faces. Upon further inspection, it is obvious that one is a physician and the other likely a patient. Delving even further, it becomes evident that the photo is evidence of what good care looks like.  

“Kidney Camp” Highlights Real Patient Experiences & Challenges for PNWU students

PNWU students spoke to us about their experiences at "Kidney Camp," a program called TREKS (Tutored Research and Education for Kidney Scholars) that they attended at the University of Chicago last summer.

Dr. Kellee Randle is Working to Improve Health Care Advocacy & End Implicit Bias

Educating physicians and patients, Kellee Randle, DO, FACOI is a hospitalist and an entrepreneur pursuing a dual mission. Bringing awareness to how implicit bias corrupts quality care delivery is something she began in earnest during the pandemic through her company, Equity Ventures Plus LLC. She is also a firm believer in teaching patients how to advocate for themselves and how and what to ask for to ensure they are being proactive in their own health care.  

Celebrating Juneteenth: Black Osteopathic Internists You Should Know

Originally published June 19, 2021. Updated June 14, 2022. 

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