Committee Structure

Committee Structure

Executive Committee

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Robert L. DiGiovanni, DO, FACOI, President, Email
Joanne Kaiser-Smith, DO, FACOI, President Elect, Email
Michael A. Adornetto, DO, FACOI, Immediate Past President, Email
Samuel K. Snyder, DO, FACOI, Past President, Email
Robert T. Hasty, DO, FACOI, Secretary Treasurer, Email
Robert A. Cain, DO, FACOI, At-Large, Email

Finance Committee

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Michael A. Adornetto, DO, FACOI, Chair, Email
Samuel K. Snyder, DO, FACOI Email
Robert L. DiGiovanni, DO, FACOI Email
Joanne Kaiser-Smith, DO, FACOI Email
Robert A. Cain, DO, FACOI, At-Large, Email
Robert T. Hasty, DO, FACOI Email

Council on Graduate Medical Education

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Susan Enright, DO, FACOI, Chair, Email
Joanne Kaiser-Smith, DO, FACOI, Vice Chair, Email
Jaclyn Cox, DO, FACOI, Email
Rick A. Greco, DO, MACOI Email
Mathew R. Hardee, DO, FACOI Email
Brendan S. Kelly, DO, MBA, FACOI Email
Joshua Layher, DO, Email
Ryan P. Zimmerman, DO, FACOI, Email
Angela C. Cavanna, DO, FACOI, Email
Diana S. Vargas, DO, Resident Representative, Email

Honors & Awards Committee

John F. Uslick, DO, MACOI, Chair, Email
Jack D. Bragg, DO, MACOI, Email
John B. Bulger, DO, MBA, MACOI, Email
Michael B. Clearfield, DO, MACOI,  Email
Lawrence U. Haspel, DO, MACOI,  Email
Robert T. Hasty, DO, FACOI, Email
G. Michael Johnston, DO, FACOI, Email
Michael I. Opipari, DO, MACOI, Email
Anthony N. Ottaviani, DO, MACOI Email
David F. Hitzeman, DO, MACOI, Email

Information Technology Committee

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Anthony Wehbe, DO,  FACOI, Chair, Email
Rodney Bates, DO, FACOI, Email
Johnny A. Dias, DO, FACOI Email
Joseph Gambale, DO, FACOI, Email
Meredith Lindner, DO, Email
Judie A. Miller, DO, Email
Kenneth L. Reed, DO, FACOI, Email
Elliott R. Schwartz, DO, FACOI Email
Stephanie L. Whisiker-Lewis, DO, FACOI Email
Kerry Anne Whitelock, DO, FACOI Email
Shawn Mo, DO, Resident Representative, Email
Mackenzie Graham Anderson, Resident Representative, Email

CME Committee

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C. Clark Milton, DO, FACOI, Chair, Email
Mia A. Taormina, DO, FACOI, Vice Chair, Email 
Damon L. Baker, DO, FACOI, Email
Mark D. Baldwin, DO, FACOI, Email
Patrick C. Cullinan, DO, FACOI, Email
Susan Enright, DO, FACOI, Convention Chair, Email
Rick A. Greco, DO, MACOI, Hospital Medicine Update, Email
Kevin P. Hubbard, DO, MACOI, Board Review Course, Email
Joanne Kaiser-Smith, DO, FACOI, CEE, Email
Laura M. Rosch, DO, FACOI, OMM, Email
Mary R. Suchyta, DO, FACOI, Email
Robert P. Aran , DO, Resident Representative, Email

Development Committee

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Robert L. DiGiovanni, DO, FACOI, Chair, Email
Martin C. Burke, DO, MACOI Email
Annette T. Carron, DO, FACOI Email
Evangelos Diamantakos, DO, Email
C. Jonathan Foster, DO, FACOI, Email
Nancy Goodwin, DO, FACOI Email
Kevin P. Hubbard, DO, MACOI Email
Laura M. Rosch, DO, FACOI Email
Christine M. Samsa, DO, FACOI Email
Nathan P. Samsa, DO, PharmD, FACOI, Email

Research Committee

Carol I. Duffy, DO, FACOI, Chair, Email
Rohit Arora, DO, FACOI, Email
Michael B. Clearfield, DO, MACOI, Email
Nancy Finnigan, DO, FACOI, Email
Amanda J. Finley, DO, FACOI, Email
Peter G. Gulick, DO, FACOI, Email
Robert W. Hostoffer, Jr., DO, FACOI, Email
Yelena E. Kier, DO, FACOI, Email
David H. Lindner, DO, MBA, FACOI, Email
Katrina J. Platt, DO, FACOI, Email
Cara E. Ruggeri, DO, Email
Samuel K. Snyder, DO, FACOI, Advisor, Email
Zainab Shahid, DO, Resident Representative, Email
Sara Worrill, Student Representative, Email
Abu-Bakr Malik, Student Representative, Email

Government Affairs Committee

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Stephen R. Bell, DO, FACOI, Chair, Email
Wayne R. Carlsen, DO, FACOI, Email
Martin S. Clemmons, DO, FACOI, Email
Darrin C. D'Agostino, DO, MBA, MACOI, Email
Megan E. Eshbaugh, FACOI, Email
Virginia Irwin-Scott, DO, FACOI, Email
Jeanette M. Kelley, DO, Email
Peter Meyers, DO, FACOI, Email
Seger S. Morris, DO, FACOI Email
Nathan P. Samsa, DO, PharmD, FACOI, Email
Gregg Silberg, DO, FACOI, Email
David L. Tolentino, DO, FACOI, Email
Jabiz Behzadpour, DO, Resident Representative, Email
Katherine DeMars, Student Representative, Email
Roshen John, Student Representative, Email

Practice Management and Professional Development Committee

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Christopher T. Beal, DO, FACOI, Chair, Email
Stephanie D. Bauerle, DO, Email
Stephen R. Bell, DO, FACOI, Government Affairs Liaison, Email
Theresa K. Braden, DO, FACOI, Email
Dale W. Bratzler, DO, MACOI, Email
Valpersia D. Gainers, DO, Email
Pamela Naudascher Goldman, DO, FACOI, Email
Robert G. Good, DO, MACOI, Email
Christian S. Greco, DO, Email
James J. Matera, DO, FACOI, Email
Joseph M. Zawisza, DO, FACOI Email
Shaan V. Patel, DO, Resident Representative, Email
Aysha Baig, MD, Resident Representative Backup, Email

Committee on Health Equity and Inclusion in Medicine

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Watson Ducatel, DO, FACOI, Chair, Email
Amita Vasoya, DO, FACOI, Vice Chair, Email
Timothy J. Barreiro, DO, FACOI Email
Monica S. Carter, DO, FACOI, Email
Anya K. Cope, DO, FACOI, Email
Simona Eng, DO, FACOI, Email
Nicola A. McLean, DO, FACOI, Email
Berry Pierre, DO, FACOI, Email
Troy L. Randle, DO, FACOI Email
Christina A. Stasiuk, DO, FACOI, Email
Erik D. Wert, DO, FACOI, Email
Tania Maheshwari, DO, Resident Representative, Email
Steve Chung, DO, Resident Representative, Email

Physician Wellbeing Committee

Martin C. Burke, DO, Chair, Email
Joanne Baker, DO, FACOI, Email
Nicholas Caputo, DO, Email
Katherine D. Cook, DO, Email
Kristine Cooper, DO, Email
Angela J. De Hamer, DO, FACOI, Email
Britney A. McCarty, DO, Email
Jozia C. McGowan, DO, FACOI, Email
Christine M. Samsa, DO, FACOI Email
Thomas Schneider, DO, FACOI Email
Christopher J. Sciamanna, DO, FACOI, Email
Amanda Staples Opperman, DO, FACOI, Email
Julie K. Sterbank, DO, FACOI, Email
David L. Tolentino, DO, FACOI, Email
Jasper Y. Yung, DO, FACOI Email
Alexandra Inyang, MD, Resident Representative, Email

Osteopathic Integration Task Force

Jodie L. Hermann, DO, FACOI, Chair, Email
Annette T. Carron, DO, FACOI, Vice-Chair, Email
Nichole Barton, DO, FACOI, Email
Natasha N. Bray, DO, FACOI, Email
Robert A. Cain, DO, FACOI, Email
Laura M. Fox, DO, FACOI, Email
Matthew R. Hardee, DO, FACOI, Email
Laura M. Rosch, DO, FACOI, Email
Evelyn A. Schwalenberg, DO, FACOI, Email
Zachary K. West, DO, FACOI, Email
Kevin W. Wilson, DO, FACOI, Email
Jocelyn McCullough, DO, Resident Representative Email
Shyam Patel, DO, Resident Rep, Email
Brie Howerton, Student Representative, Email

Climate Change Task Force

Mary S. Badger, DO, FACOI, Email
Stephen Greenstein, DO, FACOI, Email
Jodie L. Hermann, DO, FACOI, Email
Nicholas R. Punch, DO, Email
Samuel K. Snyder, DO, FACOI, Email
Harpreet K. Tsui, DO, FACOI, Email
Hardik Dand, DO, Resident Representative, Email


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