“Osteopathic internal medicine
allows you to continue to use your eyes,
ears and hands in caring for others and
that is a privilege you will never lose or regret.”
Michael I. Opipari, DO, MACOI

The seeds for what would become the ACOI were planted in July 1923 at the legendary Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City with the founding of the American Society of Osteopathic Internists (ASOI). Shortly after its inception, the ASOI experienced difficulties in maintaining its membership. In response to this challenge, and in an effort to preserve the burgeoning osteopathic internal medicine organization, the ASOI allowed for the formation of divisional societies. In 1941, the California division of the ASOI reorganized to form the modern-day American College of Osteopathic Internists.

The ACOI was established to “bring together in a congenial body, the osteopathic physicians who were primarily interested in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the internal organs.” Since its inception, the ACOI has been dedicated to providing a home for osteopathic internists and helping them continuously to improve the care provided to their patients through education based on the latest scientific information. Over the years, the ACOI has expanded its offerings from annual meetings and regional symposiums, to a board review program, a program for hospital-based physicians and an online education center for internal medicine osteopathic continuous certification. In addition to hosting a number of continuing medical education programs, the ACOI and its dedicated members have been instrumental in training residents and subspecialty fellows. Since 1941, educating future physicians and those in practice has been central to the ACOI’s activities. While the practice of medicine today is not what it was 75 years ago when the College was first formed, the ACOI continues to evolve with its members to fulfill its mission of promoting high quality, distinctive osteopathic care of the adult.

The evolution of medical knowledge and the ever-changing needs of osteopathic internists and subspecialists continues to drive the ACOI to work hard to meet the needs of its members. The next 75 years are certain to be marked by boundless changes in the osteopathic profession, unfathomable advancements in science, and remarkable shifts in the delivery of health care. The ACOI stands with its members ready to meet the innumerable challenges that await!

In an effort to preserve the history of the ACOI and to look to the future, Kevin P. Hubbard, DO, MACOI, wrote a book titled, “A History of Os­teopathic Internal Medicine: Celebrating the ACOI’s First 75 Years.” You can obtain your own copy of this recently-released book by requesting a Book Order Form, or by calling the ACOI at 1-800-327-5183.

For more information, Contact ACOI Historian Kevin P. Hubbard.


ACOI 75th Anniversary: A Lecture by Kevin Hubbard, DO, FACOI from Pasquale Greco on Vimeo.


ACOI 75th Anniversary Slideshow from Pasquale Greco on Vimeo.

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