Osteopathic internists are practicing Principle-Centered Medicine™ and thriving in their personal and professional lives.


As the premier community for osteopathic internists, ACOI provides leadership, networking, and education to help our members be successful and stay true to why they pursued medicine.

Organizational Values

To accomplish its vision and mission, the ACOI will base its decisions and actions on the following core values:

LEADERSHIP for the advancement of osteopathic internal medicine

EXCELLENCE in programs and services

INTEGRITY in decision-making and actions

PROFESSIONALISM in all interactions

SERVICE to meet member needs


  1. Grow our ACOI community through engagement, inclusion, and belonging.
  2. Connect members to education and tools that support their continued professional development and career advancement.
  3. Amplify the voice of the community and provide leadership for the profession.
  4. Influence physician wellbeing by promoting the balance of work, life, and their own health.
  5. Build a strong, sustainable, and diverse membership association. 

Stay True to Why You Pursued Medicine.