Thank You 2023-2024 Visiting Professors


May 15, 2024



As the 2023-2024 school year comes to a close, ACOI would like to show our appreciation for all of the ACOI Visiting Professors who gave presentations at colleges of osteopathic medicine across the country. Thank you for your dedication to the next generation of osteopathic internists! 

  • Damon Baker, DO, FACOI
  • Mark Baldwin, DO, FACOI
  • Jack Bragg, DO, MACOI
  • Annette Carron, DO, FACOI
  • Michael Clearfield, DO, MACOI
  • John Dahdah, DO
  • MarkAlain Dery, DO, MPH, FACOI
  • Robert DiGiovanni, DO, MACOI
  • Howard Feinberg, DO, MACOI
  • Dominic Glorioso, DO, PhD, FACOI
  • Pamela Goldman, DO, FACOI
  • Robert Good, DO, MACOI
  • Matthew Hardee, DO, FACOI
  • Robert Hasty, DO, FACOI
  • Marianne Holler, DO, FACOI
  • Carol Kirila, DO, FACOI
  • Charlene LePane, DO, FACOI
  • Kellee Randle, DO, FACOI
  • Laura Rosch, DO, FACOI
  • Gregg Silberg, DO, FACOI
  • Scott Spradlin, DO, FACOI
  • John Sutton, DO, MACOI

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