The three special awards made to members of the ACOI are Teacher of the Year, Researcher of the Year and Internist of the Year. The awards will be made annually, when qualified candidates are identified, and will include a $1,000 stipend to defray the cost of traveling to the annual convention. The criteria for each award is as follows:

Teacher of the Year

One who has made major contributions to osteopathic medical education, which may include, but are not limited to:

  • Recognition through the receipt of teaching awards for excellence in teaching in undergraduate or graduate medical education;
  • Leadership as a program director, course director or director of medical education in which valuable contributions to the profession and a positive impact on a significant number of trainees have been made;
  • Development of a model program that has led to innovation in osteopathic medical education;
  • Receipt of Federal or foundation grants;
  • Publication of articles on medical education in medical education journals.

Researcher of the Year

One who has made major contributions to clinical or basic research related to osteopathic internal medicine as demonstrated by:

  • A substantial record of extramural funding from Federal or foundation sources, such as the National Institutes of Health, American Osteopathic Association, the American Heart Association, etc.;
  • Publications of original research in referred journals;
  • Discovery of new technology, therapeutic interventions, or a new approach to clinical care that has had a significant impact on clinical care.

Internist of the Year

One who has made major contributions to osteopathic internal medicine as demonstrated by:

  • The opinion of osteopathic internal medicine leaders relative to clinical excellence;
  • Receipt of awards recognizing clinical excellence from hospitals, state healthcare organizations and the community;
  • Development of a model clinical program that has made an impact on osteopathic internal medicine;
  • Leadership role in clinical direction as a chief of medicine, medical director, etc.;
  • Recognition of bedside teaching excellence.
Nominations for 2024 are now being accepted. Nominations should take the form of a letter detailing the individual’s accomplishments and activities deserving consideration. Please send your letters of recommendations to Claudette Jones

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