Letter From Dr. Adornetto

Michael A. Adornetto, DO, FACOITogether Again

I am extremely excited to begin to see the United States of America experience life again. The opportunity to return to some sense of normalcy also provides an opportunity to reconnect with old friends, to go to the ballgame, and to dine in the company of others. I am most appreciative to have the vaccine, and hope this continues to be offered to all throughout the community. I applaud those who received their COVID vaccine to protect themselves and others, and believe this is a great step towards minimizing the burden of COVID in our communities.

In keeping with this return, we have news to share with you about the 2021 ACOI Annual Convention & Scientific Sessions! After much consideration and planning, ACOI is moving forward with a hybrid Convention to be held in October 2021 in Orlando, Florida. With this, we are offering a live in-person convention and a virtual component for those still not wanting to travel, but looking for outstanding CME. We have worked very hard to find the best place that offers easy travel, nearby activities, and ample space to gather safely together.

To accommodate as many members as possible who want to join us for Convention, we have moved the location from San Francisco to Orlando, Florida. Features of this year’s convention include:

• The Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, Orlando Florida

• Condensed Format, Wednesday-Saturday, October 27-30.

• Hybrid meeting allowing for virtual attendance.

This will be the first time ACOI has held a meeting at the Gaylord Palms, which has fun activities for attendees and family members. Due to the tumultuous year we have all experienced, ACOI has gone to a slightly shorter conference format, meeting WednesdaySaturday, October 27-30. We realize many physicians are still working patients into their schedules and hope the shortened format and virtual option help accommodate these needs. We hope to see as many of you as possible with your friends and families to reconnect.

As many of you know, the ACOI has a long history of in-person gatherings that have created an important connection between our members. I remember the first time I attended the ACOI meeting in Orlando and reconnected with residents I trained and enjoyed dinner with friends I trained with. But most of all I really hold dear the memory of meeting my family at the Magic Kingdom after a great session of meetings. Even though they are all grown up, I remember their excitement like it was yesterday.

Over the years, we have gotten to know each other’s families. We still look forward to the convocation of fellows, where we have welcomed new members, celebrated each other’s accomplishments, and created lifelong bonds with each other—many of these started at a Convention. After the challenges of 2020, a year that was difficult and isolating for many of us, we sincerely hope you can make plans to reconvene in person to rekindle those relationships with old friends and make new ones.

ACOI has been very intentional about the in-person Convention, weighing as we did in 2020. We learned a lot from that experience, but we also learned one key takeaway; how valuable our time in-person together is—both for an organization and for individuals. We are working hard to make the most of the in-person experience. We are very cognizant of the privilege that gathering in person affords, and we will focus on cultivating connections in Orlando.

We realize that not every member will be able to get away and, to accommodate everyone, we offer the virtual Convention option which will be held simultaneously for those who are unable to attend. But it is my sincere hope that if it is at all within your power to attend in person, that you please join us to reconvene in Orlando!

Michael A. Adornetto, DO, MBA, FACOI



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