Path to Mastery Curriculum Materials


The ACOI Council on Education and Evaluation, with the assistance and input of osteopathic internal medicine residency program directors and members of ACOI committees and task forces, has worked for the past seven years to design a new curriculum for its internal medicine training programs.

The curriculum has been implemented in stages. The curriculum is currently in its final phase of testing with a planned go-live date of July 1, 2014 .

Once the Path to Mastery curriculum is fully implemented, the ACOI website will be updated by March 1st of each year to reflect changes in advance of the annual Trainer’s Congress.


The ACOI Path to Mastery Curriculum is built around the most common patient conditions/presentations seen by a practicing internist. Learning activities should be designed around these common conditions/presentations on a recurring basis to teach critical thinking skills and decision-making. For general information, see Executive Summary.


When the ACOI Path to Mastery Curriculum is complete, each resident will receive a learning plan at the beginning of their residency that outlines the desired outcomes and associated checkpoints.

A manual has been provided to each program director that will help them to create a lesson plan to ensure each resident is meeting the desired outcomes by the assigned checkpoint. This manual may be accessed below.

2013-2014 Program Directors Manual (PDF)


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