The ACOI Humanism and Excellence in Teaching Award is presented annually to Osteopathic Internal Medicine residents in recognition of outstanding compassion in the delivery of care, respect for patients, their families, and healthcare colleagues, as well as demonstrated excellence in clinical teaching. The following qualities should be found in the nominees:

  • Consistently demonstrates compassion and empathy in the delivery of care to patients
  • Illustrates professional and ethical behavior by example
  • Shows respect for everyone (s)he comes in contact with
  • Demonstrates cultural sensitivity in working with patients and family members of diverse ethnic or religious backgrounds
  • Displays effective communication and listening skills
  • Understands a patient's need for interpretation of complex medical diagnosis and treatment and makes an effort to assure patient comprehension
  • Shows respect for the patient's viewpoint
  • Helps to articulate the patient's concerns to attending physicians and others
  • Is sensitive to the patient's psychological well-being
  • Is cooperative, easy to work with-engenders trust and confidence
  • Is willing to help others and, when necessary, to seek help from others
  • Seeks and accepts criticism, using it to improve performance
  • Displays concern for the community and engages in volunteer activities
  • Is committed to reflection and objective self-evaluation of his/her own skills
  • Displays proficiency in scientific endeavors
  • Serves as a role model-illustrates professional behavior for students and colleagues
  • Is approachable and accessible to students
  • Welcomes opportunities for teaching and one-on-one mentorships with students
  • Exhibits enthusiasm and skill in professional and personal interactions with students
  • Effectively identifies emotional concerns of patients and family members

Nomination Requirements:
Residents are nominated by fellow residents, medical students, or faculty members at their own institution. Nominees will submit a personal statement describing their commitment to medical education and humanistic values along with two letters of reference (other than the nominator) from other residents, medical students, patients, or faculty members.

Submission Deadline:
June 30

The award recipients will be chosen by the ACOI Council on Education and Evaluation. Recipients will be notified in advance of the ACOI Annual Conference so that travel arrangements may be made for the award ceremony.

Nomination Form:
Download nomination form and packet checklist here.

More Information:
Please contact ACOI Executive Director, Karen Caruth, MBA at or call 1 800 327-5183.

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