CME Frequently Asked Questions

All credits for this cycle must be reported to us by 12/23/21. Once the cycle is closed, AOA will not accept the credits from us.

How do I report my credits to you?
1. Click here.

2. Select the appropriate meeting from the drop down menu. (For 2021 convention, choose from “Virtual” or “On-Site.”)

3. Log in with your full name and AOA# (do not use a leading zero).

4. Click "Save All" to download a copy of your certificate(s).

When I follow those instructions, it doesn’t recognize me.

There are a couple reasons this happens:

1. You are choosing the wrong meeting. For 2021 convention there are 2 links – one for “Virtual” and one for “On-Site.” You must choose the link for how you REGISTERED – if you registered to go to Florida, even if you ended up not going, choose “On-Site.” If you did NOT register to go to Florida, choose “virtual.”

2. You have not paid your dues. If you registered for a meeting as a member, your dues must be up to date. You can pay your dues online here.

3. The info you are inputting does not match the database. Our database requires a character for character match to log you in, no extra spaces, etc. If you are certain you have chosen the correct meeting and are certain you are up to date on dues, this is usually the problem. Send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.

I attended a meeting in 2019 or 2020, but I forgot to report my hours to you.

Follow the instructions above. Just know that because those activities are already closed at AOA, we must ask them to record the hours for you by hand. They have a backlog of those at the end of the cycle but as long as you report the hours to us by 12/23/21, you will get credit in this cycle.

My credits aren’t showing at the AOA!

So long as you reported your credits to us by 12/23/21, you will receive credit at the AOA in this cycle. We are reporting on a rolling basis. Reporting is a manual process, it is not automated. AOA is backlogged at the end of the cycle so it may take longer than usual for credits to appear.

My credits aren’t showing at my state!

ACOI only reports to the AOA.  Learners are responsible for reporting to their own state. 

If you are trying to report a Controlled Substance course to FOMA - they require us to send a list of verified learners BEFORE you will be able to report those credits.  Lists are sent on a rolling basis, approximately monthly.  You will appear on the list that goes AFTER you attest to your credits in our system.  Florida will not let us send lists more frequently.  The sooner you report your credits to us, the sooner we can notify FOMA about you.

I took a bunch of lectures in the Online Learning Center. Why are they still not showing? When will they be there?

The OLC lectures must be reported to AOA in a different way than meetings. Even if you purchased an entire package, we must report those lectures individually, so they take much longer to enter in the AOA system. All lectures for which you received credit in the OLC WILL be credited at AOA in this cycle.

I took some CME from another organization. How do I report that?

ACOI can only report on activities we sponsored. If you are looking for credits that came from another sponsoring organization, please contact that provider or the AOA directly at

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