I’m not an ACOI Member. Can I still get CME?

Any DO or MD can get either AOA or AMA-PRA CME credits for attending, however our online submission form can only be used by those with an AOA number.

If you are looking for AOA credit, just follow the instructions below to attest to your credits. Once you enter your data on the attestation page, you will land on a page that lets you print your certificates.

If you are claiming AMA-PRA credit, please email your legal name, the meeting name, ABIM# and number of credits you are attesting to education@acoi.org.

Non-physicians attendees (PA, NP, etc.) can request either the AOA or the AMA-PRA Certificate, however your board may require a copy of the meeting agenda. Agendas can be found on our website at the meeting's page under "Events"

How do I report my credits to you?
1. Click here.

2. Select the appropriate meeting from the drop down menu. (For the fall convention, choose from “Virtual” or “On-Site.”)

3.  Choose your type of learning.  If you do not have an AOA# or and ABIM#, choose "Allied Health Professional."

4. Log in with your full name and AOA# (do not use a leading zero) or ABIM# .

5. Enter your hours.

6. Click "Save All" to download a copy of your certificate(s).

Please note that 1 week after the platform closes, the portal to enter hours closes.  After that, the portal will only allow you to print certificates if you entered your hours previously.

When I follow those instructions, it doesn’t recognize me.

There are a couple reasons this happens:

1. You are choosing the wrong meeting.  You must choose the link for how you REGISTERED – if you registered to go to the in-person meeting, even if you ended up not going, choose “On-Site.” If you did NOT register to go to to the in-person meeting, choose “Virtual.”

2. You have not paid your dues. If you registered for a meeting as a member, your dues must be up to date. You can pay your dues online here.

3. The info you are inputting does not match the database. Our database requires a character for character match to log you in, no extra spaces, etc. If you are certain you have chosen the correct meeting and are certain you are up to date on dues, this is usually the problem. Send us an email and we will be happy to assist you.

I attended a meeting in 2019, 2020, or 2021 but I forgot to report my hours to you.

The previous cycle is now closed.  We can request the AOA accept the hours, but it is at the AOA's discretion.  Please send an email to us with:

  • Your full name
  • Your AOA #
  • Name of the meeting
  • number of credits you are claiming
  • your Florida license # (if applicable)

Once we have entered your hours in our database (usually 1 business day) you can print your certificates here.  We will request that AOA accept the hours for the closed cycle.

My credits aren’t showing on my report!

AOA Category 1A Credits reported monthly starting May 1st. For the 2024 Spring Meetings, AMA PRA Category 1 Credits are reported on Sept 2nd, and ABIM MOC Points reported on Sept 2nd.

Credits from an activity must be reported to us within 1 week of the activity’s close date. The final credit report will be sent to the AOA approximately 2 weeks after our reporting deadline.

For example, if the last day to view an activity is August 12, the reporting portal will close on August 19. The credits will be reported to the AOA over the following 2 weeks.

My credits aren’t showing at my state!

ACOI only reports to the AOA.  Learners are responsible for reporting to their own state. 

I took a bunch of lectures in the Online Learning Center. Why are they still not showing? When will they be there?

The OLC lectures must be reported to AOA in a different way than meetings. Even if you purchased an entire package, we must report those lectures individually, so they take much longer to enter in the AOA system.  We are working to improve the system.  During this upgrade, credits will be reported quarterly from the OLC to the AOA.

I took some CME from another organization. How do I report that?

ACOI can only report on activities we sponsored. If you are looking for credits that came from another sponsoring organization, please contact that provider or the AOA directly at memberservice@osteopathic.org.

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