2020 - Virtual Convention
Population Health: Improving the Health of Populations

  • Program Chair
    Joanne Kaiser-Smith, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Staying Human in Medicine: From the House of God to Man’s 4th Best Hospital
    Samuel Shem, MD
  • Keynote
    The Art of Storytelling
    Matthew Luhn, Former Pixar Storyteller
  • Keynote
    H1N1 and SARS-CoV-2: Pandemics in the New Millennium
    Humayun J. Chaudhry, DO, MACOI

2019 - Phoenix, AZ
Our Search For Osteopathic Meaning

  • Program Chair
    Michael A. Adornetto, DO, MBA, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Dream Makers
    Jim (The Rookie) Morris, Jr.
  • Keynote
    Principle-Centered Medicine
    Robert A. Cain, DO, FACOI

2018 - Orlando, FL
ACOI: The Next 75 Years

  • Program Chair
    Robert L. DiGiovanni, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Cardiovascular Disease Prevention: Current Knowledge, Future Directions
    Daniel B. Levy, MD
  • Keynote
    Osteopathic Medicine from the Outside In
    Christian T. Cable, MD
  • The Doctor Will See You Now...a Prescription for Dealing with Change
    Raymond J. Mis, DO, FACOI


2017 - National Harbor, MD
Goldilocks Medicine: Not Too Little, Not Too Much

  • Program Chair
    Annette T. Carron, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Healthcare Remixed
    Zubin Damania, MD (AKA ZDoggMD)
  • Keynote
    My Life Was Saved by Osteopathic Care
    Vance Johnson, former NFL wide-receiver, Denver Broncos


2016 - Palm Desert, CA
Science vs. Pseudoscience

  • Program Chair
    John R. Sutton, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    What’s New in Obesity Treatment?
    Louis J. Aronne, MD
  • Keynote
    ACOI’s History: The First 75 Years
    Kevin P. Hubbard, DO, MACOI   


2015 - Tampa, FL
Guidelines and Controversies in Medicine

  • Program Chair
    Samuel K. Snyder, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Healing vs. Curing
    Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD
  • Keynote
    Quality Improvement/Assurance
    Carolyn M. Clancy, MD


2014 - Baltimore, MD
Patient Centered Innovations & Change: Internal Medicine 2014

  • Program Chair
    Judith A. Lightfoot, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Bridging the Gap Between Evidenced-Based Medicine and Patient-Centered Care:
    The Doctor-Patient Relationship
    Debra Roter, DrPH
  • Keynote
    The Evolution of Patient-Centered Medical Practice: Osteopathic Medicine as the Forerunner
    Kevin P. Hubbard, DO, MACOI


2013 – Indian Wells, CA
Translating Research into Clinical Use

  • Program Chair
    Martin C. Burke, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Using Basic Science to Consider Preventing T2DM and Beta Cell Preservation
    Jack L. Lehey, MD
  • Keynote
    Preventing Diabetes and Reducing Cardiometabolic Risk” Rationale and Clinical Approaches
    Edward Horton, MD


2012 – Orlando, FL
Health Care Transformation: The Patient Centered Approach to Health

  • Program Chair
    Robert G. Good, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Transformee or Transformation?
    Karen J. Nichols, DO, MACOI


2011 – San Antonio, TX
Reversing the American Obesity Epidemic,br>

  • Program Chair
    Rick A. Greco, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    From Here to There
    George Bray, MD


2010 – San Francisco, CA
Internal Medicine: Leading the Healthcare Industry to Quality Patient Outcomes

  • Program Chair
    John B. Bulger, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Internal Bleeding
    Robert M. Wachter, MD


2009 – Tucson, AZ
Practice According to EvidenceM

  • Program Chair
    David F. Hitzeman, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Through A Patient’s Eyes – Enhancing Physician and Patient Improvement While Improving Patient Outcomes
    Susan Edgman-Levita, PA-C


2008 – Marco Island, FL
Emerging Concepts in Internal Medicine

  • Program Chair
    Thomas F. Morley, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    A Case Study in Medical Innovations
    Mark S. Humayun, MD, PhD


2007 – Boston, MA
Lifestyle Choices with Unhealthy Results: Intervening Early and Effectively

  • Program Chair
    Jack D. Bragg, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Insights into the Mechanisms of Cardiovascular Disease: Past, Present and Future
    Daniel Levy, MD


2006 – Scottsdale, AZ
Atherosclerosis: A Disease for All Specialties

  • Program Chair
    Michael B. Clearfield, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote (Three Keynote Luncheons)
    • Identifying Patients at Risk for Coronary Disease Daniel Levy, MD
    • Clinical Use of CRP as a Risk Factor Paul M. Ridker, MD
    • National Lipid Program Guidelines Update William P. Castelli, MD


2005 – Orlando, FL
Osteopathic Internal Medicine – Leaders in Healthcare Promotion and Disease Prevention

  • Program Chair
    Humayun J. Chaudhry, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Promoting Health and Preventing Disease – Are We Doing It?
    Howard S. Teitelbaum, DO, PhD


2004 – Chicago, IL
Internal Medicine – The Cutting Edge

  • Program Chair
    Kevin P. Hubbard, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Defining Success in New Drug Development
    Richard Pazdur, MD


2003 – Montreal, Canada
Current Research and its Connection to Clinical Practice

  • Program Chair
    Joanna A. Pease, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    National Lung Health Education Program
    Daniel Dougherty, MD


2002 – Scottsdale, AZ
Patient Safety

  • Program Chair
    Lawrence U. Haspel, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Disclosure of Medical Error: Ethical, Legal and Organizational Issues
    John J. Banja, PhD


2001 – Orlando, FL
Evidence Based Medicine

  • Program Chair
    Frederick A. Schaller, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Predicting Changes in Medicine
    Raymond E. Stowers, DO


2000 – Boston, MD
Women’s Health and End of Life Care

  • Program Chair
    Karen J. Nichols, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    The Future of Internal Medicine
    Arnold Relman, MD


1999 – LaQuinta, CA
ACOI’s 1999 Annual Convention and Scientific Sessions

  • Program Chair
    Frederick A. Schaller, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Bioterrorism – You Can Run But You Cannot Hide!
    Shirley Fannin, MD


1998 – Marco Island, FL
Medical Controversies

  • Program Chair
    Theresa M. Matzura, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Ethical Changes Faced By Physicians as a Result of Managed Care
    Holly G. Atkinson, MD


1997 – Toronto, Canada
Tomorrow’s Medicine Today

  • Program Chair
    John F. Uslick, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    The future of Healthcare Delivery


1996 – San Francisco, CA
Internal Medicine: Leading the Profession to a Distinctive Future

  • Program Chair
    Gilbert E. D’Alonzo, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Why Osteopathic Medicine?
    Michael Patterson, PhD


1995 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
ACOI’s 1995 Annual Convention and Scientific Sessions

  • Program Co-Chair Robert J. Stomel, DO, FACOI
  • Program Co-Chair WW Stoever, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Images in Clinical Medicine
    Kim Eagle, MD


1994 – Washington, DC
Fostering Excellence in Primary Care

  • Program Chair
    Thomas A. Cavalieri, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    What Doctors Have Learned From Their Patience
    Edward E. Rosenbaum, MD


1993 – Scottsdale, AZ
Wellness and Prevention of Disease

  • Program Chair
    Robert J. Stomel, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    From Stress to Strength: How to Lighten Your Load and Live Longer
    Robert Eliot, M.D. FACC


1992 – Marco Island, FL
Consultations in General Internal Medicine

  • Program Chair
    F. Richard Darrow, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Pearls and Pitfalls: The Diagnosis of Cardiac Disease
    Jules Constant, MD


1991 – Boston, MA
ACOI’s 1991 Annual Convention and Scientific Sessions

  • Program Chair
    WW Stoever, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Clinical Auscultation of the Heart Workshop
    W. Proctor Harvey, MD, FACC


1990 – New Orleans, LA
ACOI’s 1990 Annual Convention and Scientific Sessions

  • Program Chair
    Larry Wickless, DO, FACOI
  • Keynote
    Aging or Aged
    Phil Thorek, MD

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