Charge of the Development Committee

1. Justification The ACOI Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that the College has the financial resources to carry out its mission. This implies that an appropriate resource development strategy is created and implemented. The Committee on Development serves as the Board work group that recommends strategies for developing resources in addition to traditional sources of operating revenue.

2. Objectives

  1. Recommend a strategy for resource development focusing on the solicitation of current and deferred gifts from members and others;
  2. Monitor the implementation of the resource development strategy;
  3. Make personal philanthropic contributions to ACOI as a priority;
  4. Be proactive in developing relationships with potential sources of financial support:
    • Assist in identifying and cultivating prospects;
    • Set the stage (tee-up arrangements) for a telephone call or visit by another Board, committee or staff member;
    • Ask a prospect for a contribution;
    • Contact a donor by mail, email or telephone to say thank you for a contribution or significant activity benefiting ACOI;
    • Take the lead in certain types of outreach activities, such as seeking raffle prizes, hosting a coffee or lunch with a funding prospect, personally thanking donors at an ACOI event, etc.;
  5. Identify potential uses for funds raised through these mechanisms: help identify potential new markets that will meet member needs; provide input on how to promote programs within those markets that will lead to increased funding.
  6. Establish suitable recognition procedures for those who contribute current and future gifts to the College;
  7. Provide input to the Board Nominating Committee to ensure the recruitment of Board members who are able and willing to secure financial and other resources for ACOI. Help recruit new members to the Development Committee who are willing to help with fundraising efforts;
  8. Monitor participation by the full Board of Directors in the implementation of the resource development strategy.

3. Terms of Service The Committee on Fundraising and Development consists of up to five members of the Board of Directors and other members of the College. Each member serves a one-year term. The members of the Committee are selected by the President with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors. The Chair of the Committee is selected annually by the President.

4. Accountability The Committee reports to the Board of Directors at each meeting of the Board.

5. Responsible Staff Person The Director of Development serves as the Secretary of the Committee. Other staff may be designated by the Executive Director to assist the Committee in its work.

6. Self Evaluation Plan The Committee evaluates its performance annually. The evaluation addresses the ways in which the Committee has addressed the objectives listed above. Adopted: October, 2008; amended: December, 2012

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