Charge of the ACOI CME Committee

  1. Justification One of the most important functions and services to the Membership that the ACOI provides is Continuing Medical Education (CME). Traditionally focused on the annual Convention and Scientific Sessions, the venues have expanded to include many diverse opportunities with joint ventures and other sponsored programs. Coordination of these various projects is necessary to provide the most effective educational processes, the most consistent quality and content, and the most efficient use of resources from within the ACOI, as well as from without. This committee shall serve to provide leadership, coordination and direction to the individual Program Chairs for all of the CME functions identified by the ACOI.
  2. Objectives
    • Identify the Program Chair for the Annual Convention and Scientific Sessions on a yearly basis
    • Identify Program Chairs or Section Chairs for Associate Programs co-sponsored by the ACOI
    • Review the content of each program as presented by the Program Chair at least six (6) months before the date of meeting and provide constructive criticism
    • Provide developmental assistance to the Program Chairs in areas of educational process, types of formats which have proven successful, topics of interest for discussion, and framework
    • Assist the Program Chair in identifying effective speakers
    • Serve as a resource for Best Practices in program creation
  3. Membership and Terms of Service
    The CME Committee shall consist of seven (7) members:
    • Chair, appointed by the President. The Chair may or may not be a member of the Board of Directors. Term of office is three (3) years, and may be re-appointed for one additional term.
    • Program Chairs for the previous and current year Convention and Scientific Sessions.
    • One member of the Board of Directors, with term of two (2) years, and may be re-appointed for one term.
    • Three At-Large members who are not members of the Board. Term of office is three (3) years, and may be re-appointed for one term.
  4. Accountability The Program Committee reports to the Board of Directors at the semiannual meetings. Regular written reports shall be presented by the Chair to the Executive Committee. The CME Committee shall meet regularly by telephone conference, and in person at the Annual Convention and Scientific Sessions.
  5. Responsible Staff Person The Executive Director shall designate appropriate staff to assist the CME Committee in its work throughout the year.
  6. Self Evaluation Plan The Program Committee members shall evaluate their effectiveness by written self study instrument on an annual basis. This evaluation shall include: The same areas will be assessed by the ACOI Staff person assigned to this Committee. The committee shall discuss openly the strengths and weaknesses for purposes of group development. Action plans will be created to address weaknesses.

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