Julie Sterbank, DO, FACOI, MPH

Physician Health and Wellness: Finding Balance in Today's World

by Julie Sterbank, DO, FACOI, MPH

September 22, 2021

Physician Health and Wellness: Finding Balance in Today's World

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Updated September 8, 2022.

This podcast explores the importance of physician health and wellness through the eyes of a physician who tragically experienced first-hand the importance of addressing the daily stresses and burdens of being a physician in today's healthcare system. As someone who was directly impacted early in her career by the death of a colleague who took her own life, Julie Sterbank, DO, FACOI, MPH provides advice on how to shed the belief that physicians must be superhuman and shares the importance of knowing how to disengage, find time away from work and rediscover what gives you joy while balancing the demands of the mounting pressures of being a physician.

In This Physician Health and Wellness Podcast

  • What is physician wellness?
  • Why is physician Wellness important?
  • How do you promote physician wellness?
  • What does physician burnout feel like?
  • What are the dangers of burnout?
  • How does a busy physician balance home and professional life to avoid burnout?
  • What are the barriers in helping physicians attain maximum focus on self-care and health and wellness?
  • What are steps physicians can take in their own lives to assure balance and to avoid succumbing to the dangers of burnout?
  • How do the principles of osteopathic medicine and treating the whole patient fit into a discussion on burnout?
  • How can you help a colleague experiencing symptoms of burnout?
  • & many more

Is physician work life balance possible? How do you get started in improving your health? What are physician wellness activities? Are there physician wellness resources? Tune in to the Docs Off the Clock podcast from ACOI to learn what you need to know!

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