Active members of the ACOI who are interested in serving on the Board of Directors are invited to fill out the nomination form below. The members of the ACOI will elect two individuals to the Board at the Annual Meeting of Members during the ACOI 2024 Annual Convention and Scientific Sessions.

As part of an ongoing self-assessment process, the Board has developed a position description for Board members, and a list of competencies that should be possessed by the Board as a whole. Potential candidates must complete an application form that allows them to describe how their experience and expertise match up with the desired competencies. In order to be considered by the Nominating Committee, the completed nomination packet must be returned to the ACOI office no later than June 24, 2024. The slate of candidates will be announced in July.

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Caruth at

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Desired ACOI Board Competencies

The ACOI Board is a competency-based Board, rather than a constituency-based Board. This means that candidates for the Board must exemplify certain skills (such as leadership, personal integrity, financial acumen), rather than represent particular constituencies (such as a specific geographic region or subspecialty).

Listed below are some of the competencies that the Board as a whole must embody. Please list those items from your personal experience which illustrate your expertise in these areas. (Please keep in mind that no individual Board member is expected to have all of these competencies.)

Personal Competencies (Indicate your personal experience, where applicable)

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ACOI Board Member Responsibilities

The ACOI Board Member Position Description/Statement of Responsibilities can be found here.