Submitting Your CME

Important Deadlines

The deadline to report your CME is December 15, 2023

Learners looking for AMA-PRA Category 1 Credits™  or MOC points must view all content by November 30, 2023 and complete your speaker evaluations by December 9, 2023.  MOC points will be automatically reported for all who have completed the knowledge assessments in the speaker evaluations by December 9th.  Learners seeking AMA-PRA Category 1 Credits™ should send an email to with their ABIM number and total credits earned no later than December 9th. Learners who have not completed these tasks by December 9 will lose eligibility for MOC points.

Download the CME Tracker here.

Reporting AOA Credits

1. Go to our CME portal.

2. Select the appropriate meeting from the drop down menu. (For the fall convention, choose from “Virtual” or “On-Site.”)

3.  Choose your type of learning.  If you do not have an AOA# or and ABIM#, choose "Allied Health Professional."

4. Log in with your full name and AOA# (do not use a leading zero) or ABIM# .

5. Enter your hours.

6. Click "Save All" to download a copy of your certificate(s).

Please note that 1 week after the platform closes, the portal to enter hours closes.  After that, the portal will only allow you to print certificates if you entered your hours previously.

Please note ACOI does not submit to any states.  For Florida controlled substance credit, Florida now require us to send a list of learner attestations, before credit will be applied.  After the ACOI credit reporting deadline of December 15, a list of all learners who have attested on our website will be sent to FOMA.  After the list is uploaded by FOMA, you should be able to submit your credits.  Questions about FOMA should be directed to

Downloading Your Certificate(s)

Once you have submitted your CME, you can visit our CME portal and follow the instructions above to log in and download a copy of your certificate(s).  

 If you have additional questions about ACOI CME, please refer to our FAQs here