CMS Eliminates the Use of all Consultation Codes

Coding Corner

The information provided here applies to Medicare coding. Be sure to check with your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for additional information and clarification on these and other items. You should also contact your local insurance carriers to determine if private insurers follow Medicare's lead on all coding matters.

CMS Eliminates the Use of all Consultation Codes
The final rule for the 2010 physician fee schedule eliminated the use of all consultation codes for various places of service except for telehealth consultation G-codes beginning January 1, 2010. Accordingly, the consultation codes will no longer be recognized for Medicare Part B payment. Physicians shall code a patient evaluation and management visit with E/M codes that represent where the visit occurs and that identify the complexity of the visit performed. You may view additional information on this policy change detailed in CMS Transmittal 1875 which is available at

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