Are You Capitalizing on Incentive Payments?

Coding Corner

The information provided here applies to Medicare coding. Be sure to check with your Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for additional information and clarification on these and other items. You should also contact your local insurance carriers to determine if private insurers follow Medicare's lead on all coding matters.

Are You Capitalizing on Incentive Payments?
Eligible physicians can now participate in the E-Prescribing Incentive Program by reporting on their adoption and use of an e-prescribing system by submitting information on one e-prescribing measure on their Medicare Part B claims. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, to be a successful e-prescriber and to qualify to receive an incentive payment, one must report one e-prescribing measure in at least 50 percent of the cases in which the measure is reportable during 2009. You can learn more about the 2009 E-Prescribing Incentive Program by visiting

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