Memorial Lectures

2022 - Michael A. Adornetto, DO, FACOI
The Making of an Osteopathic Internist

2021 - Samuel K. Snyder, DO, FACOI 
Fever, Fire, and Focus

2020 - Annette T. Carron, DO, FACOI 
What We Wish For 

2019 - Martin C. Burke, DO, FACOI 
Our Search for Osteopathic Meaning

2018 - John R. Sutton, DO, FACOI 
It's Always Been Within You 

2017 - John B. Bulger, DO, MBA, FACOI 

2015 - Rick A. Greco, DO, FACOI 
ACOI Looks at 75

2014 - Robert G. Good, DO, FACOI 
Multiplying the Phoenix Physician

2013 - Jack D. Bragg, DO, FACOI 
Lincoln on Leadership

2012 - Thomas F. Morley, DO, FACOI 

2011 - Michael B. Clearfield, DO, FACOI 
Your Mr. Holland Moment

2010 - Humayun J. Chaudhry, DO, MS, FACOI 
Primary and Principal Care Medicine

2009 - Kevin P. Hubbard, DO, FACOI 
Medicine in the Hands of an Angry Government

2008 - Joanna R. Pease, DO, FACOI 
The Meaning of Professionalism

2007 - Frederick A. Schaller, DO, FACOI 
Making A Difference

2006 - Thomas A. Cavalieri, DO, FACOI 
Has Medicine Lost It's Heart?

2005 - Lawrence U. Haspel, DO, MACOI 
The Gift is for the Giver

2004 - Robert J. Stomel, DO, FACOI 
Osteopathic Osmosis: Passing on the Tradition

2003 - Theresa M. Matzura, DO, FACOI 
Remaining an Osteopathic Internist in a Changing World

2002 - Karen J. Nichols, DO, FACOI 
Mentoring Our Future

2001 - John F. Uslick, DO, MACOI 
To Be Or Not To Be

2000 - Anthony N. Ottaviani, DO, MACOI 
A Profession Gratefully Acknowledged

1999 - Kenneth E. Calabrese, DO, FACOI 
Disguised Opportunity

1998 - James C. Giudice, DO, MACOI 
Building a Brick House

1997 - Michael I. Opipari, DO, MACOI 
Leading the Pace of Change: Crisis or Opportunity

1996 - Gail D. Burchett, DO, MACOI 
Slippery Slope

1995 - Gary L. Slick, DO, MACOI 
Tribute to Osteopathic Internists Past and Present

1994 - Jay G. Beckwith, DO, MACOI 
Seize the Moment

1993 - W.W. Stoever, DO, MACOI 
The Internist's Triad

1992 - Larry W. Wickless, DO, MACOI 
Evolution Revisited

1991 - Paul E. Kudelko, DO, MACOI 
ACOI: The Next Fifty Years

1990 - Andrew A. Pecora, DO, MACOI 
The Compassionate Touch

1989 - Anthony J. Malcoun, DO, MACOI 
Crossroads: Lead or Be Led

1988 - Thomas Allen, DO, MACOI 
Docere: The Internist as the Teacher

1987 - Leonard Mennen, DO, MACOI 
Medicine - Still a Good Profession

1986 - T. Bryson Struse, III, DO, FACOI 
The Challenge of Honor

1985 - David Rothman, DO, MACOI 
Megatrends in Medicine

1984 - Eugene A. Oliveri, DO, MACOI 
Osteopathic Internist: Physician or Technician

1983 - George T. Caleel, DO, FACOI 
The Legacy and the Challenge

1982 - A. Carson Todd, DO, MACOI 
Osler Revisited

1981 - Joseph V. Koehler, DO, MACOI 
ACOI: Past, Present and Future

1980 - Murray H. Cohen, DO, MACOI 
Clinical Disorders of Gastroinestinal Motility

1979 - William H. Dickerson, DO, FACOI 
Infective Endocarditis

1978 - Albert F. D'Alonzo, DO, FACOI 
Quo Vadis

1977 - S.J. DeVito, DO, FACOI 
A Critique on Polarizing Solutions; Based on 20 Years Clinical Experience

1976 - Alexander Price, DO, FACOI 
Chest Pain

1975 - B.B. Baker, DO, FACOI 
Arthritis-Disease of the Ages

1974 - William B. Strong, DO, FACOI 
A Philosophic Differnce

1973 - Donald H. Briner, DO, FACOI 
Biological Amplification in Immune Reactions

1972 - Joseph DePetris, DO, MACOI 
Tunnel Vision Syndrome

1971 - Jesse L. Steinfeld, MD, Surgeon-General, United States 
Changes in Medical Education for the 70's

1970 - Max T. Gutensohn, DO, FACOI 
Extracranial Artery Insufficiency and Diseases Related to Transient Ischemic Attacks

1969 - J. Milton Zimmerman, DO, FACOI 
Pulmonary Embolism-Pulmonary Infarction

1968 - Theodore Weinberg, DO, FACOI 
Thyroid-Catecholamine Relationships

1967 - R. Wayne Baldridge, DO, FACOI 
The Role of Alpha and Beta Adrenergic Blocking Agents in Osteopathic Medicine

1966 - Joseph T. Rogers, DO, MACOI 
Lost Horizons

1965 - John L. Crowther, DO, FACOI 
The Anticoagulant Dilemma

1964 - Ward E. Perrin, DO, FACOI 
Physician Dropout

1963 - Earl E. Congdon, DO, FACOI 
Gentlemen and Scholars

1962 - John B. Field, DO, FACOI 
Management of the Lymphomas and Leukemias

1961 - Robert K. Schiefer, DO, FACOI 
Azotemia, A Medical Challenge

1960 - G.A. Whetstine, DO, MACOI 
The Differential Diagnosis of Neuro-Muscular Problems of the Upper Extremity

1959 - William F. Daiber, DO, FACOI 
Experiences in the Management of Coronary Disease

1958 - Neil R. Kitchen, DO, FACOI 
Artherosclerosis; Atherogenesis, Clinical Recognition and Treatment

1957 - Ralph F. Lindberg, DO, FACOI 
The Education of an Internist

1956 - Stuart F. Harkness, DO, FACOI 
The Responsibility of the Hospital Staff in Latrogenic Morbidity and Mortality

1955 - Charles M. Worrell, DO, FACOI 
Fluid and Electrolyte Patterns of Diabetic Acidosis

1954 - Orville L. Hastings, DO, FACOI 
Clinical Application of Intermittent Positive Pressure Therapy

1953 - Grover N. Gillum, DO, FACOI 
The Patient's Stress Factors as They Relate to the Role of the Internist

1952 - H. Earle Beasley, DO, FACOI 
Clinical Evaluation of the Cardia Status

1951 - Glennard E. Lahrson, DO, FACOI 
The Etiology and Genesis of Peptic Ulcer

1950 - Samuel V. Robuck, DO, FACOI 
The Relation of the Osteopathic Somatic Lesion to Visceral Pathology

1949 - Louis C. Chandler, DO, FACOI 
Physiological Integration as the Basis for Recovery from Disease

1948 - Ralph L. Fisher, DO, FACOI 
The Philosphy of an Osteopathic Internist

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