This award, established in 2005 by the ACOI, is to be presented annually to Osteopathic Internal Medicine residents in recognition of outstanding compassion in the delivery of care, respect for patients, their families, and healthcare colleagues, as well as demonstrated excellence in clinical teaching.

2015 Recipient
Brenton Rogers, DO
2014 Recipient
Joan Wiley, DO

2013 Recipients
Christine Crocker, DO
Mandar Jagtap, DO
Christopher D. Wenger, DO

2012 Recipients
Christine P. Chelladurai, DO
Ann Marie Schreiber, DO
2011 Recipients
Allison Greenstein, DO
Ross Heil, DO
William Nazzaro, DO
2010 Recipients
Alan R. Lucerna, DO
Lauren W. Mazzurco, DO
2009 Recipients
Ann Duskin, DO
Jennifer Shay Mullins, DO
Charles H. Nolte, DO
2008 Recipients
Danielle Hansen, DO
Zachary Lemon, DO
2007 Recipients
Debbie Anne Gladd, DO
Adam J. Grunbaum, DO
James Y. Lin, DO
Sarah Schreur, DO
2006 Recipients
Christopher Good, DO
Marianne M. Holler, DO
2005 Recipients
Christopher R. Brackney, DO
Anthony Grello, DO
Nathan Landesman, DO
Ali Tabrizchi, DO

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