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Stay True to Why You Pursued Medicine

The ACOI was founded in 1941 by osteopathic internists as a way to improve the care they provided to their patients. Today, nearly 80 years after its founding, the College has evolved beyond what anyone could have predicted all those years ago. The College bases all of its activities on four pillars: education; community; leadership; and health and wellness. Our promise is to help you stay true to why you pursued medicine.

Why Is Being a Member of ACOI Important to You?

We Invite you to Join the ACOI Family

Today, the ACOI is a professional family where caring for our members is central to our purpose. Quality education and professional growth represent our foundation, but for many members, there is much more. We strive to keep you at the top of profession, but we also have created a home where we promise to support you through all the phases of your career.

As an ACOI Member You'll Be Able to:

Access Quality Continuing Education

Dr. Watson Ducatel: The Inquisitive Physician (ACOI 2020 Convention)

ACOI's 2020 Virtual Convention: Dr. Watson Ducatel presents
"The Inquisitive Physician: Experiences, Medicine & Principles"

ACOI is committed to providing the highest quality continuing education. We are certified by both the American Osteopathic Association (AOA) and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education. Our CME activities are available in all formats – from live events, to webinars, to virtual meetings. Our live events are rated very highly by attendees for the quality of our speakers and the information provided. The ACOI Online Learning Center is where members find on-demand CME activities that provide the specialty credits needed to meet their state licensure and certification requirements. Members receive substantial discounts on the registration fees for every ACOI continuing education activity – online and in the classroom.

Connect, Bond, Enjoy Sharing with Your Colleagues

The ACOI is committed to providing a vibrant and welcoming community for our members. Throughout the year, members are offered multiple opportunities to get together. Our meetings are valued as much for the chance to meet with colleagues and friends as they are for the educational information conveyed.

We are also committed to the health and wellness of our members. Our wellness activities, such as our peer-to-peer virtual discussion sessions on the recent COVID-19 pandemic, help our members prioritize self-care.

Pursue Recognition Opportunities with the FACOI Designation

Apply to become an ACOI Fellow or Master Fellow – This prestigious status elevates you to an elite category of professionals that garners the trust and respect of your peers, colleagues and patients.

Advance your Career with Placement Opportunities

Members of ACOI are able to advertise professional opportunities available or sought at no charge in the newsletter and on our website. In addition, an informal "job-exchange" is held at every annual convention.

Enhance Your Leadership Skills

As a smaller organization, ACOI provides many opportunities for member participation and growth. We make it is easy for you to develop your leadership skills through participation in our committees, councils and task forces. Our committees and other work groups are the backbone of our education programs and other offerings. They are also the proving grounds for those who wish to advance to service on the Board of Directors.

For those who wish to make a difference with future generations of osteopathic internists, we have a mentor program to guide students and residents.


Keep Up-to-Date on News Affecting the Profession

Membership in the College includes a subscription to ACOInfo, the monthly newsletter which provides timely information on CME, certification, subspecialty events, government and practice management issues, professional opportunities and more. Our vibrant virtual community lets you see what members are doing and hear the latest updates on some of the most important trends in healthcare. We invite you to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube

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Stay True to Why You Pursued Medicine.