2019 Trainers Congress Syllabus


ACGME Update: Internal Medicine Review Committee - Jerry Vasilias, PhD

Priming the Pump for Essential Intern Skills - Philip C. Dittmar, MD

Utilizing a Flipped Classroom in a Residency Program - Andrew King, MD; Simiao Li-Sauerwein, MD, MS
How to Respond to ACGME Citations -  Jill R. Patton, DO, FACOI 

Feedback Using the ADAPT Model - Jill R. Patton, DO, FACOI

Osteopathic Recognition:  A Panel Focused on Scholarly Activity, Program Evaluation and Faculty Resources    
   - Donald S. Nelinson, PhD, Moderator
   - Panel Members – Jaclyn Cox, DO
   - Brendan S. Kelly,  DO, FACOI

ACGME Osteopathic Recognition Consultations  - Jaclyn Cox, DO; Donald S. Nelinson, PhD



Update from the ACOI Council on Education and Evaluation: 2020 AOA Sunsetting Policies - Susan M. Enright, DO, FACOI

Program Coordinators Professional Development
    • TAGME/Professional Development Opportunities - Karen Welding-Brown, MPH, C-TAGME 
    • Program Director Calendar – AOA and ACGME - Karen Welding-Brown, MPH, C-TAGME, Kara R. Kerns, ACOI Post-Doctoral Training Specialist
    • Sharing Best Practices
    • How to Get Involved in Research 
    • Wellness Opportunities 
    • Being Part of the Leadership Team?

Is Osteopathic Scholarly Work and Faculty Development Possible? A Review of the Scholar System - Robert W. Hostoffer, DO, FACOI

Top Five Things Your Osteopathic Residents Can Teach Your MD Residents - Matthew R. Hardee, DO, FACOI

Sharing Best Practices - Susan M. Enright, DO, FACOI, Moderator

Managing a Team - Teresa K. Braden, DO, MBA, FACOI

CLER/Identifying Resident Burnout - Marilyn A. Katz, MD; Jaclyn Cox, DO

Starting an OMM Clinic - Ryan P. Zimmerman, DO


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