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American College of Osteopathic Internists

As the ACOI celebrates its 75th Anniversary, we remain committed to fulfilling our mission to promote high quality, distinctive osteopathic care of the adult. The next four years are a crucial time for osteopathic internal medicine. By 2020, AOA will cease accrediting graduate medical education so that each of our 260 residency and fellowship programs must attain ACGME accreditation. During this process, the programs will have the option of maintaining an osteopathic focus.

To assure that osteopathic internal medicine continues to thrive for years to come, the ACOI has created an initiative to assist all of our programs to achieve ACGME accreditation, as well as to encourage and assist them in maintaining their osteopathic focus. The College is also working to define exactly what we mean by “distinctive osteopathic practice.”

The success of this initiative, which requires increased financial support from our members, may well determine whether there is a distinctive osteopathic practice of internal medicine in the future.



Donors who make a gift or pledge of $1000 or more over two years to support the new initiative will be recognized on the ACOI 75th Anniversary Circle Tree to be permanently located in the ACOI office at the close of the anniversary celebration. Fifty-five of the one hundred leaves available for engraving have already been taken, so please make your gift or pledge now to ensure your leaf is displayed. Click here to download our Giving brochure, "Assuring the Future of Osteopathic Internal Medicine"  and click here to download the 75th Anniversary Circle pledge form.

Our thanks to the 75th Anniversary Circle members (as of April 15, 2017):

Michael A. Adornetto, DO, MBA, FACOI
Damon Baker, DO, FACOI
Mark D. Baldwin, DO, FACOI
Lee Peter Bee, DO, FACOI
Jack D. Bragg, DO, MACOI and Jocelyn Bragg
John B. Bulger, DO, MBA, FACOI and Michelle Neff Bulger, DO
Martin C. Burke, DO, FACOI
Robert A. Cain, DO, FACOI and Gina Eversole-Cain
Annette T. Carron, DO, FACOI
Janet E. Cheek, DO, FACOI
Michael B. Clearfield, DO, FACOI
Robert L. DiGiovanni, DO, FACOI and Monica DiGiovanni
Kenneth Dizon, DO
Brian J. Donadio, FACOI and Ellen Donadio
Kathleen J. Drinan, DO, FACOI
Bruce D. Dubin, DO, MACOI
Susan Enright, DO, FACOI
Mitchell D. Forman, DO, FACOI
Pamela R. Gardner, DO, FACOI
Scott L. Girard, DO, FACOI and Laura J. Girard
James C. Giudice, DO, MACOI
Eric D. Good, DO, FACOI
Robert G. Good, DO, FACOI
Rick A. Greco, DO, FACOI and Carol A. Greco, DO
Lawrence U. Haspel, DO, MACOI
Robert T. Hasty, DO, FACOI
David Hitzeman, DO, MACOI
Kevin P. Hubbard, DO, MACOI and Roxanne Hubbard
G. Michael Johnston, DO, MACOI
Joanne Kaiser-Smith, DO, FACOI and Kevin Smith
Teresa Kilgore, DO, FACOI
Judith A. Lightfoot, DO, FACOI and Alvin Banks
Timothy W. McNichol, JD
Jo Ann Mitchell, DO, FACOI
Rizwan Moinuddin, DO
Donald S. Nelinson, PhD
Karen J. Nichols, DO, MA, MACOI
Eugene A. Oliveri, DO, MACOI
Susan M. O’Neal, DO, FACOI
Anthony N. Ottaviani, DO, MPH, MACOI
Keith A. Reich, DO, FACOI
Morvarid Rezaie, DO, FACOI
Christine M. Samsa, DO, FACOI and Nathan P. Samsa, DO, FACOI
Roy Sartori, DO, FACOI and Christine Sartori
Frederick Schaller, DO, MACOI and Amy Schaller
Samuel K. Snyder, DO, FACOI
Christina Stasiuk, DO and George Farian, Esq.
W.W. Stoever, DO, MACOI
Robert J. Stomel, DO, MACOI
William D. Strampel, DO, FACOI
David Susser, DO, MACOI
John R. Sutton, DO, FACOI
Richard R. Thacker, DO, FACOI
John Uslick, DO, MACOI
Larry A. Wickless, DO, MACOI





In this time of great challenges in healthcare, the ACOI is poised to expand the profession’s influence and assure that the best and brightest students select careers in osteopathic internal medicine.

Evidence mounts daily that the national demand for internists is growing. There is a strong need for highly-qualified primary care internists, hospitalists, and subspecialists. ACOI answers this need by reaching out to students who are not fully aware of the career opportunities in our specialty.

In order to continue and grow programs for students, residents, and fellows, financial support is needed for ACOI’s Generational Advancement Fund. Contributions will be used for the following programs:

  • Visiting Professor Program to osteopathic college campuses to educate students about internal medicine and our subspecialties
  • Resident Textbook Program that provides textbooks for residents and students
  • Grants to Student Internal Medicine Clubs to attend ACOI’s Annual Convention
  • Mentor Program that matches practicing physicians with students

Click here to make a gift online


Our Visiting Professor Program in Action

ACOI sponsored 31 Visiting Professor lectures during the 2015-2016 academic year – the largest number ever, thanks in part to contributions from ACOI members!

Dr. Gail D. Burchett, DO, MACOI at A.T. Still University of Health Sciences School of Osteopathic Medicine – April 2016


Dr. Robert T. Hasty DO, FACOI at Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine – New York – March 2016


Dr. John R. Sutton, DO, FACOI at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences College of Osteopathic Medicine – April 2016


“The members of the Internal Medicine Interest Group at Edward Via School of Osteopathic Medicine Carolinas Campus enjoyed hosting ACOI Board member, Dr. Scott Girard, at our school this February. He was incredibly approachable and informative, while still cutting jokes and having a good time. Our members learned a lot about the path to residency, and Dr. Girard welcomed all of our questions. He also reminded us of the many resources and opportunities ACOI affords its members, include free student membership! We all enjoyed a delicious meal catered by local restaurant Fatz Cafe, and we all were excited about the ACOI giveaways, such as sunglass cases, luggage tags, tote bags, first aid kits, and medical book raffle! I would highly recommend joining ACOI and participating in their visiting professor program.”
Emily Molina, SOIMA President, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine Carolinas Campus


“As a first year DO student at Western University of Health Sciences, I consider myself and my colleagues privileged to have the support of the ACOI so early in our medical careers. Our SOIMA (Student Osteopathic Internal Medicine Association) student group at WesternU really appreciated Dr. Hitzeman’s lecture on the pathway to a career in internal medicine and residencies within the field. He was a wonderful speaker and he really engaged our audience of approximately 60 first and second year DO students. We learned a lot from him during our lunch lecture and enjoyed getting to know him in the hour preceding the lecture when the SOIMA officers gave him a tour of our campus. We are very fortunate to have these opportunities to arrange lunchtime speakers and to be able to form these professional relationships with the ACOI, which enables us to network and collaborate with others in our field of interest. We hope the ACOI continues to help medical students such as us arrange these lectures and further engage us in the osteopathic internist community. Thank you, from all of us at WesternU.”
Priya Patel, SOIMA President, Western University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific


Your Gift Will Make a Difference

ACOI is committed to the future of a distinctive osteopathic practice of internal medicine and to strengthening and expanding our very successful generational advancement programs so that future generations can carry on our osteopathic traditions and practices. This commitment requires financial support over and above ACOI dues so we can continue to make a difference in providing high quality care to patients.


Two student leaders say thanks to ACOI members for their financial support:

“Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to attend the 2015 Annual Convention. It was an amazing opportunity for us to meet ACOI members, including current and past leaders of the College, who are so willing to provide advice and counsel to us as medical students. A gift to the GAF makes a difference to me and other medical students to becoming better physicians for tomorrow. - Hyun J. Kim, President, Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences College of Osteopathic Medicine



“Thanks to your support medical students benefit from this program that teaches us about various internal medicine practices. The Visiting Professors share their experience and advice and act as mentors to the students, some of whom might become future colleagues. Please continue providing financial support for this program and others that help students and residents because their gifts truly make a difference for us.” - Jacob I. Nelson, Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine, Immediate Past President



Why I Choose to Give to the ACOI

“I support the Generational Advancement Fund (GAF) because it reflects what is important to me – educating the next generation of osteopathic internists. Gifts to the GAF support textbook vouchers for students that attend the annual convention, provide funding to have more ACOI members participate in the Visiting Professor Program, and benefit students and residents. The Visiting Professor Program provides opportunities to promote the importance of the ACOI to potential new members.” - Keith A. Reich, DO, FACOI, FACR, RhMSUS



“I believe it is every members’ responsibility to support the College in some way. It is important to show members where their contributions are being used. ACOI won’t be able to grow and address the issues it faces in the future if it doesn’t have the additional resources needed.” - Pamela Gardner, DO, FACC, FACOI





“I contribute to the ACOI because I want to give back. As for donating my speaker honoraria, it is because I so enjoy speaking and teaching that I don’t see my honoraria as my compensation, but as another way to give back and help the ACOI do what it needs to do. I encourage ACOI members to get involved in the College because I think everyone can make a difference at the ACOI.”
- Amita Vasoya, DO, FACOI  



“I donate my speaker honorariums because I believe it complements my support of the ACOI with its future needs. I am passionate about the dynamics of health care and the need for an exchange of ideas and perspectives from other physicians. The ACOI is an ideal platform to accomplish this exchange. My hope is that my passion will affect other members of the College to continue this process." - Scott Spradlin, DO, FACOI




“My service to ACOI is my way of giving back to the profession. I wouldn’t be where I am today without ACOI since it enabled me to follow paths not allowed in allopathic medicine. Over the years, I have had amazing opportunities to network with members of our profession who are experienced, approachable, and open to new ideas. My giving is another example of giving back. I choose to donate part of my speaker honorariums each year so that ACOI has additional funds to do what is needed.” Gerald W. Blackburn, DO, MACOI



Through Your Support for the 75th Anniversary Initiative, Generational Advancement Fund and Capital Replacement Fund, ACOI will be able to:

  • Expand the Visiting Professor Program to expose every osteopathic student to successful DO internist role models
  • Increase the amount of support available for students to attend the annual convention and scientific sessions so they can experience our premier meeting firsthand
  • Utilize the latest technologies to benefit members for their continuing medical education
  • Assist all of our programs to achieve ACGME accreditation and encourage and assist them to maintain their osteopathic focus
  • Help the College define whether there will be a distinctive osteopathic practice of internal medicine in the future



Ways of Giving

There are a number of ways you can make a gift to the ACOI:

  • Click here to make a gift online.
  • Send a check to Katie Allen, ACOI, 11400 Rockville Pike, Suite 801, Rockville, MD 20852.
  • Add a contribution when renewing your annual dues.
  • Add a contribution when registering for the ACOI Annual Convention or other educational conferences.
  • For information on how to make a gift of stock, please contact Brian Donadio, Executive Director, at 301-231-8877 or via email at
  • Make a gift in honor or memory of a colleague, mentor, teacher, or someone who has been important to your career or personally. Be certain to include the complete name and address of the honoree or their next of kin so ACOI can inform them of your recognition. Click here.


Securing ACOI’s Future through a Legacy Gift

The most popular way generous people help the American College of Osteopathic Internists is with an outright gift of cash or stock.  However, some find that they can also help by making a legacy gift which is a wise investment for securing the College’s future. It enables ACOI to plan long-term for strategic activities such as developing new initiatives critical to osteopathic internal medicine, creating more educational and training programs, and expanding outreach programs. With a secure financial base, ACOI can be more innovative and creative in cultivating new frontiers and serving the needs of its members.

A legacy gift can even be designed to obtain current income and estate tax advantages. It can also provide income to you or your loved ones for life. Although many complex options are available, there are simple options easily created through estate planning vehicles.

A donor may never see his/her legacy gift bear fruit, but he/she will know that the legacy, along with his values and beliefs, will have an impact on future generations. Through legacy giving, ACOI’s mission and vision are strengthened, regardless of the challenges that may lie ahead.

To recognize and honor ACOI leaders and members who include ACOI in their will or estate plans, the Legacy Society was created. These legacy donors are giving back to ACOI while at the same time helping to secure the College’s future.


ACOI Wishes to Thank and Recognize the
Legacy Society's Charter Members

(as of June 30, 2016)

  • Dr. Jack and Jocelyn Bragg
  • Dr. John and Dr. Michelle Bulger
  • Dr. Mathew and Marbree Hardee
  • Dr. David and Rita Hitzeman
  • Dr. Robert and Donna Juhasz
  • Dr. Karen and Jim Nichols
  • Dr. Eugene and Elena Oliveri
  • Dr. Frederick and Amy Schaller


“ACOI support was there for me as my practice grew and is there for me now as my teaching and work as a Dean unfolds. To keep programs that support the education and training of osteopathic internists, medical students and residents strong, and to provide for future programs that will shape ACOI for new members, bequest provisions or other estate plan gifts will insure that financial support will be there for our future. I’m glad that when we were drafting our estate plan Jim and I included a provision for ACOI, and hope that every member will consider joining us in doing so.”
- Karen J. Nichols, DO, MA, MACOI


“As a Past President of ACOI, I knew firsthand what the College did for the members. I could see that osteopathic internal medicine had a bright future. Including ACOI in my will allowed me to demonstrate my commitment to the College and its financial security. My annual gifts to the Generational Advancement Fund help ACOI provide support to medical students and residents, which help to advance the next generation of osteopathic internists.” 
Jack D. Bragg, DO, FACOI


" I know I am considerably younger than others who have included ACOI in their will. Since I was just starting my career, it was my wife who felt we should take advantage of an estate-planning program that ACOI was providing to its members. We wanted to make good financial decisions from the start, and getting free advice seemed like a good way to start. At some point during the process, we were asked if we would consider including ACOI in my will. My wife and I said yes because of what the College has done for me.” 
Matthew R. Hardee, DO, FACOI


“I was on the ACOI Board when the College first promoted planned gifts. My wife and I took advantage of the services that the College offered and created our estate plan. We continue to work with a financial advisor that we met at that time.  As a board member, I saw what the College would need in the future to maintain and grow. I saw making a planned gift to help secure ACOI’s future as a way to give back to the profession in addition to my teaching, speaking, and committee involvement.”
- David F. Hitzeman, DO, MACOI



Types of Planned Gifts to Consider


By naming the College in your will you can give general support or name a specific program or service you want to help. Most people provide a percentage of what’s left after they have made provision for their family. A fixed dollar amount can be mentioned as well, but some find that a percentage is easier and doesn’t need to be reviewed as time goes by.

For those who might be interested in including ACOI in their wills or estate plans, here is the official language to use:

“I give, devise, and bequeath to the American College of Osteopathic Internists, a tax-exempt organization, located at 11400 Rockville Pike, Suite 801, Rockville, Maryland 20852, the sum of $__________ or percentage of (cash, real or personal property herein described) to be used for the specific purpose of ________________ or general purpose of the American College of Osteopathic Internists at the discretion of its board of directors.


Charitable Gift Annuity

By establishing this special gift arrangement, often called the gift that gives back, donors receive a generous tax deduction and get money back for themselves or for themselves and one other (usually a spouse) at an attractive interest rate for their entire life. You can ask for a confidential personalized illustration of how this can work for you, particularly now with low-paying CDs and low interest rates. For younger ACOI members, establishing a deferred gift annuity can provide supplemental retirement funds in the future.


Retirement Plan Proceeds

By naming ACOI the recipient of retirement plan proceeds many can avoid negative estate tax consequences while helping others and providing heirs with other less-taxed assets. You can ask ACOI to see if this can reduce your estate tax liability.


Charitable Trusts

By establishing one of several different types of trusts with either fixed or variable payments, savvy ACOI donors dramatically reduce their estate taxes, avoid probate, shelter funds for themselves and their family and receive a generous tax deduction. Ask ACOI how and for a confidential personalized financial illustration that will be tailored to your unique situation or needs.


Real Estate, Homes or Vacation Property

By donating a house or property you no longer need, you will receive a generous tax deduction based on its full market value.  By keeping the right to live in your home for life or until you no longer need it, you can stay in it and receive a generous tax deduction. Ask ACOI to show you how this can work for you.


Life Insurance

Many people have insurance policies they no longer need. By making ACOI the owner and beneficiary, you will receive an immediate tax deduction and the joy of knowing that what once gave you and your family peace of mind will now help others. Ask ACOI how this can work for you.

Our staff and planned giving counsel are ready to provide confidential information on ways you can help yourself and your family, while making gifts that will go on to help ACOI and others. For more information or to schedule a consultation with our planned giving counsel, call Brian Donadio, FACOI, at 301-231-8877 or email him at  with any questions you might have.

For more information on the various types of planned gifts, please contact Katie Allen (  to order copies of various gift planning pamphlets now available: Gifts of Securities; Your Will to Help; The Gift Annuity; Ideas for Retirement; A Special Beneficiary; Art of Gift Planning; When the Time Comes; Your IRA Legacy; Remarkable Unitrusts; Bequeath Your Values; Planning for Women.

Click here to make a gift online.


Honor Roll of Donors (July 1, 2015-June 30, 2016)
Record Year for Contributions to ACOI!

The ACOI is most grateful to those members and others who contributed $100 or more in our last fiscal year. Donations are used to further the ACOI’s efforts to train and mentor osteopathic medical students and residents through the Visiting Professor Program, Resident Textbook Program, and financial assistance to student medicine clubs to attend the ACOI Convention as well as to better utilize technology in serving members. Contributions totaling $183,222 during our last fiscal year (July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016) were received towards these efforts. (Please note: this list does not include hundreds of members who contributed less than a $100.)


Sara Abbruzzi DO
Matthew Acton DO
Emilia Adah DO
John Adams DO
Kenneth Adams DO
Paul Adams MD
William Adams DO
David Addley DO
Raymond Adelizzi DO
Michael Adornetto DO
Faheem Ahmad MD
U. Salma Ahsan DO
Amarachi Akujobi DO
Artur Alaverdian MD
Melinda Allen DO
Patrick Allen DO
Michael Alloway DO
Raul Alonso MD
Christopher Alvarado DO
Onyema Amakiri DO
Andrew Ambler DO
Marissa Ambron DO
Joseph Ambrose DO
Alphonse Ambrosia DO
Jeremy Anclam DO
Aaron Anderson DO
Eugenio Angueira MD
Paul Anike DO
Christina Anslinger DO
Mojgan Arashvand DO
Alex Armour DO
Wayne Arnold DO
Soraj Arora DO
Aravindhan Arumugarajah DO
Carol Ash DO
Barbara Atkinson DO
Christopher Atkinson DO
Keith Atkinson DO
Jennifer Auxier DO
Emad Aziz DO
Mary Schaefer Badger DO
Joseph Badolato DO
Jarod Bailey DO
Todd Bainter DO
Damon Baker DO
Neeja Bakshi DO
John Barbagiovanni, II DO
Alfonso Barbati DO
Jessica Barker DO
Eric Barnes DO
Landis Barnes DO
Samuel Baroody DO
Timothy Barreiro DO
Nichole Barton DO
Shadi Bashour DO
Carrie Bassett DO
Bruce Baugher DO
Christopher Beal DO
Amanda Beckwith DO
Lee Peter Bee DO
Steven Belen DO
David Bell DO
Heather Bell DO
Stephen Bell DO
Albert Belli DO
Linda Benaderet DO
Paul Bennett DO
Jody Bentley DO
Sheldon Berger DO
Kevin Berlin DO
Michael Bernstein MD
Mark Berry DO
George Bescak DO
Hitesh Bhatt DO
Daniel Biery DO
Robert Biggs DO
Allan Birnbaum DO
Robert Bisel DO
Roger Black DO
Gerald Blackburn DO
Joel Blackburn DO
Harold Blankenship DO
Philip Blitz DO
Kristine Bobish DO
John Bochenek DO
Celeste Boeckman DO
Joseph Bond DO
Deborah Borowski DO
Shannon Boughner DO
Arthur Bouier DO
James Bradbury DO
William Bradway DO
Jack Bragg DO
Misty Branam DO
Dale Bratzler DO, MPH
Matthew Breeding DO
Thomas Brewer DO
Michael Broder DO
Andrew Brown DO
Anthony Brown DO
Brent Brown DO
Ingrid Brown DO
Seth Brown DO
Sherine Brown DO
Bianca Brunelli DO
Sally Bruns DO
Jonathan Bryan DO
Marian Bryce DO
Kathryn Brzozowski DO
Albert Buch DO
John Bulger DO, MBA
Robert Bulow DO
Gary Burke DO
Martin Burke DO
Daniel Burlon DO
Gerard Burns II, DO
Joseph Burtch DO
Rebecca Burton DO
William Bush DO
Richard Butler DO
Christopher Byrd DO
Christian Cable MD
Robert Cain DO
John Calabria DO
Erin Caldwell DO
George Caleel DO
Kristy Calland DO
Aaron Campbell DO
Joseph Candelore DO
Shawn Cannon DO
Robert Cano DO
Roddy Canosa DO
David Capone DO
Brett Carestia DO
Wayne Carlsen DO
Dorothy Carnegie
Shillinglaw DO
Annette Carron DO
Amber Casey DO
Andrew Cash DO
Bruce Cassidy DO
Arturo Castro Jr. DO
Francis Celis DO
Andrew Cha DO
Rengena Chan-Ting DO
Mary Chao DO
Tricia Charles-Cowan DO
Sudipta Chaudhuri DO
Janet Cheek DO
David Chesner DO
Arthur Childs DO
Julianne Childs DO
Camelia Chirculescu MD
Danny Choy DO
Gretchen Christian DO
Myron Chu DO
Gar Win Chung DO
Susan Ciampaglia DO
Barbara Ciconte
John Clair Sr., DO
Kevin Clayton DO
Michael Clearfield DO
Murray Cohen DO
Ronald Cohen DO
Nicki Colbert DO
Dale Coller DO
Cynthia Collins-Stump DO
Carl Colombo DO
Kevin Combs DO
Danielle Conahan DO
Timothy Conlon DO
Louise Convery DO
Richard Cooley DO
Romi Coolidge DO
Stevan Cordas DO
Thomas Cortellesi DO
Sandra Cosklo DO
Timothy Coss DO
Jill Couch DO
Robert Covett DO
Gregory Cox DO
John Cox DO
William Cox DO
Christopher Crowe DO
Jadwiga Czajkowska DO
Carmella D’Addezio DO
Joseph D’Avanzo DO
John Dahdah DO
Eleanor Davina DO
Laura Davis Luarde DO
Elizabeth Day DO
Kevin De Boer DO
David de Longpre DO
Mark Dean DO
James Deangelo DO
Michael Debs MD
Harry deButts DO
Roy Deel DO
Erika DeGayner DO
Braden DeLoach DO
Thomas Deluca DO
Nickolas DeMark DO
Melanie DeMattei DO
David DePutron DO
Sushil Deshmukh DO
Justin Devotta DO
Shruti Dhorajia DO
Erica DiCicco DO
John Dickey, Jr. DO
Rodney Diehl DO
David Dieterich DO
Robert DiGiovanni DO
Andrea Dinning DO
Dustin Dinning DO
Kenneth Dizon DO
Santosh Doddamane DO
Christopher Doig DO
Kevin Dolehide DO
Joseph Dombroski DO
H. Timothy Dombrowski DO
Carlos Dominguez MD
Brian Donadio
Michael Donze DO
Scott Dorfner DO
David Dougherty DO
Peter Drummond DO
Jeffrey Dryden DO
Bruce Dubin DO
Charles Duncan DO
Jacky Duong DO
Tammy Durham DO
Jozef Dzurilla DO
Tara Eastin DO
Matthew Ebinger DO
Jarrod Eddy DO
Joel Edelstein DO
Sheila Edsall DO
Kyle Edwards DO
Tonya Edwards DO
Bradley Eisenberg DO
Phillip Eisenberg DO
Sameh Elias MD
Andrew Ellias DO
Eric Elliott DO
R. Kirk Elliott DO
William Elliott DO
William Emlich, Jr. DO
Amy Engelhardt DO
Gerald English DO
Paul Entler DO
Ira Epstein DO
Rachel Erickson DO
Dominick Ervelli DO
Scot Eskestrand DO
Cameron Esmkhani DO
Navid Estharabadi DO
Joe Etter DO
Carrie Evans DO
Kelly Evans DO
Matthew Evans DO
D. Bruce Faber DO
Adam Fahrenholtz DO
Matthew Fallstick DO
Michael Falvo DO
Daniel Farmer DO
Chris Farnum DO
Fazal Faroqui DO
Larry Farr DO
Alexis Federman DO
Richard Feingold DO
Ira Fenton DO
Kira Fenton DO
U. Inge Ferguson DO
Henrique Fernandez MD
Jennifer Ferrell DO
Andrew Fields DO
Astrid Figueroa DO
Amanda Finley DO
Nancy Finnigan DO
Barry Firstenberg DO
Angela Fishman DO
Anthony Flarey DO
Ronald Fleming DO
Jared Flood DO
Robert Flowers Jr. DO
Justin Floyd DO
David Folkmier DO
Brian Foresman DO
Mitchell Forman DO
John Fornace DO
Joseph Forte DO
Edward Foster DO
Brian Fuller DO
Stephen Funkhouser DO
Kevin Furey DO
William Gallimore DO
Allison Galloway DO
Cheryl Gardner DO
Pamela Gardner DO
Cory Garten DO
Justin Garzone DO
Aman Gebre-Egziabher DO
Brandon Genson DO
David Gerber DO
Raymond Geyer DO
Babak Ghadishah DO
Raffi Ghurabi DO
Jacob Gibson DO
Brett Gilbert DO
Sundeev Gill DO
Michelle Gillespie DO
Kristi Gillette DO
Kevin Gilmour DO
Scott Girard DO
James Giudice DO
Marc Gladden II DO
Howard Glass DO
Cliff Glasser DO
Dominic Glorioso DO
John Godfrey DO
Willis Godin DO
Michelle Goetz DO
Paul Goldshlack DO
Vikranth Gongidi DO
Michelle Gonsalves DO
Robert Good DO
Judie Goodman DO
Debora Goodrich DO
Karen Gooslin DO
Antonio Gordon MD
Craig Gordon DO
Joshiah Gordon DO
Kathleen Gordon DO
Kevin Gordon DO
Richard Gordon DO
Randy Gould DO
Darrell Lynn Grace DO
Deborah Gracia DO
Robert Grant DO
Craig Graul DO
William Gray DO
David Greathouse DO
Rick Greco DO
Elliott Greenspan DO
Jarett Gregory DO
Joe Gregory DO
Eric Groen DO
Nicole Grube DO
Andrew Guidry DO
Catherine Gursky DO
Michael Guzman DO
Meghan Haas DO
Nizam Habhab DO
Ann Hackfort DO
Louis Haenel III DO
Louis Haenel IV DO
Thomas Haffey DO
Joseph Hagen DO
David Hall DO
Margaret Hallahan DO
George Haloftis DO
Elizabeth Hamilton DO
Kenneth Hammerman DO
Shanna Hampton DO
Jeffrey Hananel DO
Charles Hanshaw DO
Christian Hanson DO
Glenn Haraway DO
Daniel Harber DO
Samuel Hardcastle MD
Matthew Hardee DO
Jeffrey Harris DO
Scott Harris DO
Jessica Harvey DO
Lawrence Haspel DO
Rasheed Hassan DO
Robert Hasty DO
Paul He DO
Yan Lin He DO
Clark Headrick DO
Kathryn Heal DO
James Heddleson DO
Ross Heil DO
Shannon Heinrich DO
Kevin Heintzelmann DO
Robert Helft DO
Timothy Hembree DO
Carrie Hempel DO
Joseph Henderson DO
Karen Henrichsen DO
Ronald Herb DO
Joseph Herchelroath DO
Stephen Hermes MD
Marc Herschelman DO
Gary Hill DO
Gregory Hill DO
Kristofer Hillegas DO
Elizabeth Hirni DO
Vinh Ho DO
Leonard Hock DO
Veryl Hodges DO
Stephen Hoey DO
Jennifer Hoffmann DO
William Hofmann DO
Don Hollandsworth DO
Michael Hollandsworth DO
Susan Holstine DO
Kyra Hootman DO
Joseph Hope DO
Jonathan Horbal DO
Troy Hounshell DO
Cynthia Housel DO
Marlys Howarth-Rodriguez DO
Kevin Hubbard DO
Sarah Hughes DO
Thomas Hughes DO
William Hughes DO
M. Shane Hull DO
William Hull DO
Frederic Humphrey DO
Charles Husson DO
Rachel Huston DO
Dennis Iaccarino DO
Adeel Iqbal DO
Homayon Iraninezhad DO
Virginia Irwin-Scott DO
Khaled Ismail MD
Phillip Jackson DO
Robert Jackson DO
Scott Jacober DO
Simeon Jaggernauth DO
Naseem Jahdi DO
Albert Janke, III DO
Mansoor Jatoi DO
David Jenkins DO
Cynthia Jensen DO
Michael Jerome DO
Leo Jesion DO
Aaron Johnson DO
Bruce Johnson DO
Clive Johnson DO
Gregory Johnson DO
Stephen Johnson DO
Sonnora Johnson-Reed DO
G. Michael Johnston DO
John Jones DO
Daniel Jurich DO
Jorieth Jurich DO
Joseph Kaiser DO
Lisa Kaiser DO
Joanne Kaiser-Smith DO
Michael Kalata DO
Lorenc Kalaveshi DO
Emily Kane DO
Leif Kanooth DO
Grace Kao DO
Philip Kaplan DO
Mark Karabajakian DO
Stavros Karatsoridis DO
Catherine Karl DO
Paul Karlin DO
Arash Karnama DO
Thomas Karoff DO
Karla Kasza DO
Julius Kato DO
Brendan Kavanaugh DO
Kianoosh Kaveh DO
James Keane Jr., DO
Michael Keefe DO
J. Grant Kehler, III DO
Jeremy Keller DO
Michael Keller DO
Jeanette Kelley DO
Charles Kelly DO
Leigh Kennedy DO
Catherine Kerschen DO
Howard Kerwin DO
Howard Kesselheim DO
Mohammed Khaleel DO
Asam Khan DO
Priya Khanna DO
Yelena Kier DO
Patrick Kilduff DO
Teresa Kilgore DO
Nicole Kimzey DO
James King DO
Isaac Kirstein DO
Patricia Kitchin DO
Mark Klucka DO
Kyle Knabb DO
Steven Knapik DO
Paul Knapp DO
Frank Knechtl DO
Kenneth Knowles DO
Hemchand Kolli MD
Charles Korman DO
Richard Kovach MD
Paul Kovack DO
Cheryl Kovalski DO
D. Charles Kowalewski DO
Michelle Kowalis DO
Brita Krabacher DO
Matthew Kramp DO
Steven Krause DO
Juanita Kreiser DO
Bonita Krempel-Portier DO
Nathaniel Krogel DO
Michael Krohn DO
Kenneth Kruczek DO
Jennifer Kudelko DO
Marc Kudelko DO
Paul Kudelko DO
Irene Kuizon DO
Cynthia Kulik DO
Rama Kunkle DO
Carl Kupferer DO
Julian Kutinsky DO
Katie Kwaschyn DO
Lisa Kwisnek-LaMantia DO
Angele LaFleur DO
Crystal LaGalle DO
Christina Lannom DO
Kingsley Lartey DO
Amanda Laubenthal DO
Victorija Laucius DO
Joseph Lavelle DO
Natalie Lazarovits DO
Ben Lazarus DO
Phuong Le DO
Howard Lee DO
Hung-Sam Lee DO
Tony Lee DO
William Leeds DO
Christopher Leon DO
Lucia Leone DO
Charlene LePane DO
Hollace Leppert DO
Lori Levine DO
Seth Levine DO
Bruce Levitt DO
Matthew Levy DO
Barry Lewis DO
C. Michael Lewis DO
Steven Liakos DO
L. Bing Liem DO
Judith Lightfoot DO
Kristopher Lindbloom DO
Mark Lindemann DO
Howard Lipkin DO
Robert Litchfield DO
Sara Liter-Kuester DO
Martin Litman DO
Randy Litman DO
Brian Little DO
Jerry Littlefield DO
Timothy Logan DO
Jonathan Lovy DO
Richard Lovy DO
Robert Low DO
John Lowney DO
Jose Lozano DO
Deborah Lozito DO
Eric Lubiner DO
Michael Lurakis DO
Ronald Lutes DO
James Maccarone DO
Joseph MacDonald DO
Mary Macgregor DO
Sandy Macnab
Machaiah Madhrira MD
Dominic Maga DO
Rahul Mahapatra DO
Mario Maiese DO
Beth Makowski Shell DO
Nicholas Maksim DO
Amir Malik MD
Joseph Mangel DO
Michael Mann DO
Eugene Manuel DO
Justin Marasigan DO
Tedd March DO
Luke Marcus DO
Nathan Markwart DO
Jeffrey Maron DO
Stephanie Marshall DO
Jeffrey Marshick DO
Cynthia Marske DO
Bryan Martin DO
Silvana Martino DO
Anthony Masciarelli DO
Kalil Masri DO
Mario Massullo DO
Rachel Mast DO
Shauna Matlen DO
Clifford Matushin DO
Charles Maxvill DO
Daniel Maxwell DO
William McCadie, Jr. DO
Dan McCance DO
Eric McClanahan DO
Robert McCullough DO
John McDonald DO
Jay McDougal DO
Thomas McEldowney DO
Jozia McGowan DO
Thomas McGuire DO
James McKay DO
Kay McLaughlin DO
Robert McMichael, III DO
Donald McMullin DO
Timothy McNichol
Margaret McQuiston DO
Kyle McWhirter DO
Diana Meda DO
Anita Medina DO
Sandip Mehta DO
Sapna Mehta DO
Shital Mehta DO
Michael Menolasino III, DO
Gary Merlino DO
Caroline Merritt-Schiermeyer DO
Thomas Mertz DO, PharmD
Frank Metzger DO
Christopher Meyer DO
James Meyer DO
John Meyer DO
Beckie Michael DO
Marc Michelson DO
Steven Milburn DO
Creagh Milford DO
Creagh Milford Jr. DO
Charles Miller DO
Elaine Miller DO
Joel Miller DO
Matthew D Miller DO
Paul Miller DO
Bruce Millman DO
C. Clark Milton DO
Bruce Mintz DO
Jennifer Mirza DO
Michael Misuraca DO
James Mitchell Jr
David Mohlman DO
Rizwan Moinuddin DO
Wilbur Montana DO
Kristi Moore DO
Susan Moose DO
Frederick Morey DO
Ryan Morgan DO
Thomas Morley DO
Frisco Morse DO
Cyrus Motazedi DO
Matthew Moye DO
Shayne Moyles DO
Basim Mozaffari DO
Joshua Multack DO
Timothy Mummert DO
Angela Murphy DO
Christie Murphy DO
Toni Murphy DO
Luis Murrain DO
Richard Musicant DO
Carla Myers DO
Kathleen Naegele DO
Joseph Namey DO
William Nazzaro III DO
Niba Nchotu DO
Patrick Nduaguba DO
Kevin Neenan DO
Michele Neil DO
Lorraine Neilson DO
Donald Nelinson PhD
Veronica Newsome DO
Kha Ngo DO
Chidao Nguyen DO
Dung Thanh Anh Nguyen DO
Emily Nguyen DO
Thuy Nguyen DO
Tolam Nguyen DO
Michael Nicholas DO
Karen Nichols DO
Amy Nilakantan DO
Anjali Noble DO
Craig Norris DO
Dawn Nuckolls DO
Erik O’Connell DO
Mary O’Connor DO
Sherrell O’Donnell DO
Susan O’Neal DO
Robert O’Sullivan Jr. DO
Emmanuel Obanor DO
Jennifer Odren DO
Eugene Oliveri DO
Lisa Oliveri-LePain DO
Michaele Oostendorp DO
Michael Opipari DO
Robert Oristaglio DO
Stanley Orlop DO
Trayce Orr DO
Angela Ortega-Bermudez DO
Anthony Ottaviani DO MPH
Crystal Otteman DO
Matthew Owen DO
Cynthia Owens DO
Ronald Pacis DO
Jeffrey Packer DO
Dennis Packey DO
Isaac Paff DO
Arnold Palmer DO
Richard Panicco DO
Emmanuel Papasifakis DO
Ashesh Parikh DO
Natalie Parr DO
Richard Pascucci DO
Herbert Pasternak DO
Binalben Patel DO
Neil Patel DO
Sheetal Patel DO
Christine Patte DO
Jill Patton DO
Michael Patton DO
Jessy Paul DO
Desmond Paul-Coker DO
Jose Paz DO
Mitchell Peabody DO
Jose Pestana DO
Andrew Peterson DO
Nicolle Peterson DO
Claudia Petruncio DO
Scott Pfeffer DO
Harry Pierce DO
Pierre Pierre Louis DO
Jeet Pillay MD
Kathryn Pitone-Lipkin DO
Scott Plasner DO
Katrina Platt DO
Edward Polashenski DO
Theodore Pollock DO
John Popovec DO
John Porter DO
Farzad Pourarian DO
Deborah Jane Power DO
Robert Powers DO
John Prior DO
Brian Pugh DO
Paul Pulice DO
Maria Pyontek DO
Majid Qazi DO
Farheen Quereshi DO
Mary Quillinan DO
Iram Qureshi DO
Michael Raad DO
Bennett Radford DO
Shahin Rahimian DO
Saadur Rahman DO
Kristen Rainear DO
Tara Ralph DO
James Ramicone DO
Josephine Randazzo DO
Michael Raphael DO
Gina Raptoulis DO
Mark Rasak Sr, DO
Ramin Rashidan DO
Richard Reece DO
Keith Reich DO
Jennifer Reimer DO
G. Scott Renton DO
Thomas Repas DO
Michael Retholtz DO
Randall Reust DO
Morvarid Rezaie DO
James Reznick DO
Christopher Rheams MD
Kevin Rhodes DO
Christine Rice DO
Levi Rice DO
Joyce Richards DO
Shirley Richards DO
Laura Richardson DO
William Richardson DO
John Rickelman, Jr. DO
Jessica Ridgley DO
Michelle Riley DO
Jennifer Rise DO
Noel Rise DO
Rahul Rishi DO
Ralph Ritz DO
Montgomery Roberts DO
Matthew Robison DO
Terry Robison DO
Daniel Robitshek MD
Lisa Rogers DO
Benjamin Rojas DO
Robert Roland DO
Charles Roman DO
Michael Roman DO
Laura Rosch DO
MaryEllen Rosel DO
Franklin Rosenblat DO
Larry Rothstein DO
Alan Rudick DO
Alice Ruttinger DO
Talal Sabbagh DO
Sammit Sabharwal DO
Michael Sachs DO
Yamine Saddouk MD, DO
Sima Salman DO
Brian Saluck DO
Leonard Salvia DO
Christine Samsa DO
Nathan Samsa DO
Rebecca Samuels DO
Bruce Sand DO
Robert Sanders DO
Jhoanna Santos MD
Kiran Saraiya DO
Roy Sartori DO
Mary Beth Saunders DO
George Sawabini DO
Kristen Scaff DO
Frederick Schaller DO
Joy Schechtman DO
Roger Schenone DO
Edward Schirack DO
Kristine Schmiesing DO
Robert Schneider DO
Daniel Schoenborn DO
Beverly Schuler DO
Allen Schultz DO
Cristopher Schultz DO
Martin Schwarze DO
Lucyann Sciandra DO
Michael Sciarra DO
Vincent Scoccia DO
Paul Scurti DO
Tyree Seals DO
George Seavy DO
Raymond Seay DO
James Sego DO
Robert Sehgel DO
George Sehl DO
Christine Sekula Crocker DO
Rowena Seltzer DO
Sisto Serafini DO
Maureen Sestito DO
Matthew Sevensma DO
Arpit Shah DO
Timothy Shanahan DO
Elizabeth Shandor DO
Brian Shaw DO
Michael Sheaffer DO
Chris Shearer DO
Charles Sheldon DO
Ronald Sheppard Jr., DO
Ronald Sherman DO
Sandeep Shori DO
Robert Sickinger DO
Gregg Silberg DO
Robert Silverbrook DO
Kenneth Simon DO
Atul Singh DO
Jaspreet Singh DO
Omesh Singh DO
Carmen Skinner DO
James Skorczewski DO
Timothy Slaven DO
Michael Slavin DO
Irving Smith DO
Shaila Smith DO
Shani Smith DO
Todd Smith DO
Olha Smolynets DO
Samuel Snyder DO
Javier Sobrado MD
Alyaz Somji DO
Salome Sookdieopersad DO
Judy Sorovetz DO
Brent Sperry DO
Tracey Sperry DO
Dennis Spiller DO
Julia Spradlin DO
Scott Spradlin DO
Susan Stacy
Douglas Stahura DO
David Stainbrook, Jr. DO
Todd Stapley DO
James Starr DO
David Stein DO
Nicola Stepanian DO
Samuel Stever DO
David Stewart DO
Mark Stine DO
Michael Stockman DO
Robert Stomel DO
William Strampel DO
Edward Strauss DO
Guy Strauss DO
Bonny Strohman DO
B. Shields Stutts III, MD
William Sudholt, II DO
Liam Sullivan DO
Kai Jack Sun DO
David Susser DO
John Sutton DO
William Swagler, III DO
Bryce Swenson DO
David Swenton DO
Dale Swims DO
William Swoger DO
Francis Tacka DO
Angelica Talic DO
Cynthia Tam DO
Jennifer Tan DO
Tanya Tang DO
Michael Tanitsky DO
Jamie Taweel DO
Brian Taylor DO
Eric Taylor DO
Terrie Taylor DO
Richard Tayrien DO
Ana Tejero DO
Lauren Templeton DO
Ruben Tenorio DO
David Ternes DO
Tisa Testai DO
Richard Thacker DO
Dale Thomae DO
Ben Thomas DO
Megan Thomas DO
Robin Thomas DO
Elishia Thompson DO
April Thomson DO
Vijayalakshmi Thota DO
Meghan Timmerman DO
Matthew Tipton DO
Michael Tirmonia DO
Edward Toggart MD
Dustin Tompkins DO
Sinda Tomy DO
Thong Tram DO
Anthony Tran DO
Huy Tran DO
Kien Tran DO
Dong Trang DO
K. Bryan Trimmer DO
Christopher Troxell DO
Kristina Trubey DO
Kevin Tsui DO
Jack Tuber DO
Jeremy Tucker DO
Mark Twardowski DO
Ashok Tyagi DO
Troy Tyner DO
Arthur Ulatowski DO
John Uslick DO
Beth Valashinas DO
Ross Van Antwerp DO
Ingrid Van Hollebeke DO
Douglas Vander Jagt DO
John Varner DO
Cyril Varughese DO
Anthony Vasile DO
Amita Vasoya DO
Ragan Vaughan DO
John Venter DO
Lawrence Verfurth DO
Bryan Veynovich DO
Patrick Vickers DO
Daniel Vile DO
Hung Vo DO
Tracy Vo DO
Mary Jo Voelpel DO
Greggory Volk DO
Sanjay Vora DO
Keith Waddle DO
Kavitha Waggoner DO
Samuel Walker DO
Lorien Wallace-Pierron DO
Brian Walsh DO
Peter Walsh DO
Douglas Walsh Jr. DO
Alan Wan DO
Fang Wang DO
Jessica Ward DO
Tuan Ward DO
John Ward, Jr. DO
Jeremy Warner DO
Tyler Warner DO
Greta Warta DO
Saba Waseem MD
Maureen Watson DO
Jason Waugh DO
David Weaver DO
Bruce Weber DO
Richard Weinberger DO
Brian Weingart DO
Stephen Weis DO
Anthony Welch DO
James Wells DO
Marvin Wells DO
Laurie Welton DO
Victor Weng DO
Mary Werkman DO
R. Colin Wetz DO
Thomas Whalen DO
Eileen Wheeler DO
Paton Whimple DO
Larry Wickless DO
Kevin Wietecha DO
Alicia Williams DO
Gerald Williams DO
Marcia Williams-Lyons DO
Christopher Wills DO
Christine Wilson DO
Kevin Wilson DO
Liz Wilson DO
Shane Wilson DO
Winter Wilson DO
Jennifer Winters DO
William Wismer DO
Simon Wong DO
Kenna Wood DO
Paula Wozniak DO
Sarah Yans DO
John Yeung DO
Jungsik Yoo DO
Michael Young DO
Harry Young, Jr. DO
Alireza Zadsalamat DO
Douglas Zakolski DO
Gregory Zarcone DO
Geoffrey Zarrella DO
Andrew Zazaian DO
John Zazaian DO
Richard Zekman DO
Roman Zeltser MD
Lane Ziegler DO
William Zipperer, Jr DO
Bernard Zoranski DO
Tanya Zouzas DO